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Nightkins' scripts corrected. Additional scripts related to REPCONN HQ and Come Fly With Me quest also corrected (34 scripts).

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Mod version 1.4
1. Fix the revolving ModAV Sneak 100 on Nightkins (see screenshots).
2. Additional scripts related to "Come Fly With Me" quest and REPCONN HQ corrected and improved.
3. "Come Fly With Me" quest and 3 other additional quests will be stopped if you kill Chris Haversam AND/OR Jason Bright during the quest OR if you sent the ghouls to Andromeda.
4. The annoying music and static "hisss" emitted by 27 loudspeakers in REPCONN Facility will be stopped right after you got the XP for completing the quest.
I reactivated and corrected a broken script intended (probably) for them. Blissful silence is beautiful.
5. The beautiful ghoulette will also disapear after you finished the quest.
6. Objects in REPCONN Research Labs (where you find Jason) will become your property if you sent the ghouls to Andromeda OR you shot them in the head.
7. All bodies will disappear faster if you killed them before finishing the quest.
8 . Dead Nightkins marked as "dead" may also disappear if other mods unmarked their "Respawn" flag and not set them as "Persisted reference" after.
Due to this, you may lose some useful Stealth Boys. I set them as "Persisted references" but they will not reappear unless you start a new game.
9. The scripts of your beloved Lily corrected. I was referring to your NV in-game companion.
Because I did not have something better to do in this beautiful Sunday, I also corrected 3 additional scripts:
VCassTimerGeneralBarkScript -> Cass' timer bark improved
vDeadSeaScript -> "We Are Legion" script improved
VFreeformMcCarranKitchenScript -> you'll get 80XP after you repaired the food processor in McCarran Airport, script corrected
They are not at all related to the purpose of this mod, I'm well aware of that.
New in version 1.4
1. Corrections revised (34 scripts).
2. After finishing the quest "Come Fly With Me", you can turn off/on the launch music ("March of the Valkyries") from one of the speakers inside the building.
3. The block responsible for resetting Chupacabra Nightkin AI removed from VFreeformNovacScript and moved to VNovacChupacabraNightkinSCRIPT.
No real need to check every frame some conditions for resetting its AI (even if it is dead !) while chilling out in the Mojave Desert or kissing Dala in Big MT.
4. You can pickpocket or interact (with) Chupacabra Nightkin. It wasn't possible before. See new screenshot.
Its script (VNovacChupacabraNightkinSCRIPT) very much improved, tweaked and corrected.
BEFORE reporting any "bugs" related to Stealth Boys:
Crouch while the Stealth Boy is active and wonder.

Have fun.

Gray matter inside my skull.
The Far Beyond.

Many thanks to:
Nexus - for allowing us posting all kind of mods and not only.