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Expand and Adjust NVB 2's radiant bounty hunting quest on to Zion Trails and Great Salt Lake.

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THIS MOD WILL NOT BE UPDATED ANY MORE. CHECK THIS PAGE New Vegas Bounties II - Radiant Quest Redux for Latest version.

This mod does two things.

1. Expands and Adjust NVB 2's radiant bounty hunting quest on to Zion Trails and Great Salt Lake.

2. Removes time delay between radiant quests to spawn. From 24 in-game hours to 3 seconds.

To Install

1.  You have to install original NVB 2. It contains only single plugin to overwrite original NVB 2 plugin.

2.  And install both Salt Lake Stories and Zion Trails.

3. Overwrite my mod's esp file on original NVB 2 esp file.

To Get Started

1. Go to Boulder City Prison.

2. You will find 2 posters above dossier terminal. Big one is for normal bounties within Mojave. Small one is for off-Nevada contracts.

3. 5 types of bounties around Zion trails. 8 types around Great Salt Lake. Every quest has no markers so you have to travel around to track down your target.

Also I've added bait enemies to spawn on Great Salt Lake contracts. By saying bait I mean, Criminals will be spawned in certain area but not with bounty target.

If you can't reach your bounty target, you have to wait 4 in-game days. Then target will slip away from NCR intel and disappear results in failing the quest.

1.1 - Updated missing mics quest cleanup script. Changed Zion Trail mission to have no quest marker. If you don't like searching blind you can stick to 1.0

1.2 - Added 2 more types of bounties on Zion Trail and Great Salt Lake. Made baits spawn on Zion Trails bounties as well.

1.3 - Adjusted npc placement to minimize interference to existing npcs

1.4 - Fixed a bug that quest won't be removed from journal after completion.

1.5 - Changed faction relations so target wouldn't fight with already existing NPCs. Adjusted NPC placement for better combat.

1.54 - Fixing critical bug regarding non-target enemies were not spawning by removing sidekick script.

PLZ let me know as soon as you encounter bugs. Zion Trail bounties have been tested but not Great Salt Lake missions. If you have encountered any of them. I will fix it as soon as possible.