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This mod does exactly what it says on the tin; adds the option of scrolling through your hotkeys using your mouse scroll wheel. This mod is lightweight, simple, quick, and effective, a single script does the entirety of the work. NVSE and the JIP/LN Plugin are Required.

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Scroll up, scroll down, your weapons change. A simple concept that is ubiquitous across modern FPS shooters, but absent from Fallout: New Vegas... Until now. Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, with the magic of NVSE and the JIP LN Plugin, I bring to you, weapon hotkey scrolling! This mod lets you scroll through the weapons in your hotkey slots, every weapon, every time, everywhere. You can find the script I made for this mod in the Docs tab of the mod page. Tbh I'm not really sure what else to put in this description, there's not much else to say... 

I suppose the best place to start is with these two things:

  1. You must have your weapon drawn and you must not be aiming down your sights/scope for the weapon switching to work
  2. The mod will disable the zooming in and out of your the camera via mouse scroll wheel when you have your weapon drawn and are not aiming down sights

This was done to stop the game zooming you in and out every time you wanted to switch weapons, it takes a small bit of getting used to but it's easy peasy once you do. Just holster your weapon or aim down your sights to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel like normal. Pressing F to change your camera perspective will work completely normally.

Scrolling up will iterate the weapon you have equipped +1 through your current hotkey slots, i.e. if the weapon you currently have equipped is in your third hotkey slot, the script will equip the weapon you have in your fourth hotkey slot, and so on. If you scroll down, the script will iterate down your hotkeys, so you will go from having your third hotkeyed weapon equipped to your second hotkeyed weapon and so on. The script will loop around to the start of your hotkeys if you are on your last hotkey slot and scroll up, and visa versa. If you do not have a weapon in one of your hotkeys the script will skip over that slot and move on until it finds one. Not having any weapons in any of your hotkeys will not crash your game thanks to about 3 hours of head scratching on my side. If you are holding a weapon that is not in your hotkeys, scrolling up will equip the first weapon in your hotkey slots, and scrolling down will equip the last. 

I think it goes without saying, but his mod requires NVSE V-5.1b4 or higher, and the JIP LN NVSE Plugin V-54.20 or higher. If you don't already have these mods installed then you need to go get them. Now. I don't care if you're not going to download this one, you need those two mods. Go get them. Just do it.

There may be a bit of a delay when changing weapons if the weapon you're switching into is High-Res or has a lot of polygons, that's more the game engine than anything else, not much I can do about it. Speaking from experience, if you have inconsistent frame rate or have many scripts running at once the script may not pick up your scrolling every time, if so, just scroll a bit more, it'll pick it up in a few flicks. Again, this is due to the game being 8 years old, don't kill the messenger.

I would recommend that you use WND - Weapon Name Display by ffarrell alongside this mod, it's a really great addition to the game and it can help to tell what weapon you're switching into. It pairs really well with this mod so give it a shot and see if you like it. 

Yes, I know FPS Weapon Wheel exists, but to me it is kind of over the top and changes too much stuff. This mod is aiming to be a simpler, more streamlined alternative that doesn't have icons popping up all over your screen and other (no offence intended here) bloat added in. This mod also fixes/gets around the two main drawbacks of using the mouse scroll wheel with the FPS Weapon Wheel mod, those being:
  • Once entered First-Person mode, you can only exit with the "POV Control" (default "F"), mouse wheel will not exit from 1st Person.
  • In third person mode, mouse wheel still affects camera position (couldn't get around this).
This mod also only scrolls through your hotkeyed weapons, instead of scrolling through your entire inventory. I am not bashing on vivanto's work at all, FPS Weapon Wheel is a great mod, but it's just not my kettle of fish. In fairness, 90% of the script functions necessary for this mod to work did not exist back when FPS Weapon Wheel was made, so the limitations of that mod are easy to understand. 

Thats all folks, let me know if there are any problems (there usually are) by reporting them in the comments or bug reports sections of the mod page. Please leave an endorsement on the mod if you liked it and/or it worked for you, it's a nice way of saying thank you, cheers.