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Allows you revive a downed companion with either a Stimpak or Robot Repair Kit.

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This simple mod adds in a similar feature to something found in Fallout 4; the ability to instantly revive downed (as in KO'd, not dead) companions in the middle of combat by either injecting them with a Stimpak if they are organic, or by using a robot repair kit on them if they are robotic. All you have to do is walk up to their unconscious body and activate them. As long as you have the required items in your inventory, a menu will then appear where you can choose to revive them.

You can craft a Robot Repair Kit at any workbench, but you will need a repair skill of 20, and it requires 1 Scrap Electronics, 2 pieces of Scrap Metal, and 4 Microfusion cells. It will appear in your inventory as an aid item, but you will not be able to use it on yourself.


If a companion is knocked down by something (deathclaw, bighorner, ect.) and are then KO'd before they can start getting back up, the prompt to revive them will not appear. This has to do with how PushActorAway works, and how it breaks certain scripted detecting functions for whatever reason.


None! Just base New Vegas.