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Read a Book, receive XP. Simple. Basic.

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Hi !
This is a small and simple mod. It's a long time I want to make something book-related for Fallout New Vegas. Because I love books.

You will be able to read a Pre-War Book and receive XP. It's very similar to Readable Pre-War Books but it's going deeper and it's DLC-friendly (the Book Chute of Old World Blues and the Blank Magazine of Lonesome Road.)

1. Each Pre-War Book you take will be convert to its "food" equivalent. Yes, you will devour books. So book will be in the AID section of your PipBoy.
2. When eating reading a book from your inventory, you will earn 0 (there are bad books) to 5 XP. It's random.
3. Add a MISC Pre-War Book to your inventory. The same model you just read, but with "Read" at the end of its name. You can't read it again but you can use it for decoration or for the Book Chute of OWB.

Old World Blues changes : The Book Chute take only already read books.
Lonesome Road changes : The recipe with blank magazine gives you an already read book.

I also change prices of books. Common books value : 1 caps. Rarest book : 5 caps.

That's all ! Simple enough.

Choose between the NO-DLC or ALL-DLCs version, and between English or French Language.
And it's not compatible with mods that change Books (except only-graphic mods like this beautiful one)

The mod is in a very early stage but work as I want. So I'm very happy. Updates will come. It's my first mod for FNV, kind a GECK learning-mod for me, so... I maybe made mistakes...

Enjoy, and sorry for my bad English. I'm becoming better but the way is still long.

These are just ideas, not sure :
.MCM menu
.Player stats/ rare books to change the amount of XP
.Chance that a book make a random magazine effect or another unexpected and funny thing
.A book-related Perk (or an update of Voracious Reader from LR)
.Magazine and skillbooks become misc item after using (for decoration <3) Beloved Books already did it
.Uniques books. Maybe a little quest.
.Read a book take in-game time (like sleeping 2 or 3 hours) ans close pipboy.
.Reading animations
.Learn english

20/05/2018 - finally made a working FOMOD installer