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Changes Bosses to have more health, as well as some bosses having better weapons and/or armor.

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I created this mod because I felt that sometimes the boss fights in New Vegas were pretty lame. For example  The Legate's fight felt like a walk in the park, He's supposed to be the general of the Legion and doesn't event survive two shots by an Anti-Material Rifle!  This mod edits the bosses and their protectors to have high amounts of health and high damage weaponry i.e. Ulysses having a higher damage SMMG instead of his lame SMG, I mean, come on! Ulysses wanders the Divide for who knows how long and his best excuse for a weapon is a puny SMG? This mod also edits Elijah's face so that he looks more like his Hologram for obvious ore reasons. I hope you enjoy somewhat tough boss fights because now your wish is granted!