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This is a mod that adds a weird and interesting companion known as Bruno. He is fully voice acted and can aid you through your adventures in the Mojave Wasteland.

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Brief Description:
Bruno is a fully voiced companion that will help you all the time. I made an optional file if you want two of them in your game both will be just outside Chet's general store in Goodsprings. WARNING he can be pretty loud sometimes.  

You can find him in Goodsprings just outside Chet's General Store. If you downloaded the optional file with two of them, then you can find them both in Goodsprings just outside Chet's General Store.

You can just activate the mod through your nexus mod manager or if you wanna do it manually 
just place the Sounds folder and the BrunoTheCompanion.esp into your Data folder,then just 
activate the .esp through your launcher by clicking on data files and checking the box
right next to BrunoTheCompanion.esp.

Future Fixes:
I will add lip animations, remaster the sound quality, and add more voice lines, mayyyyyyyybe a quest mod in the future :).

Just Fallout New Vegas :) installed.

 Video made by SamuelOlson1701



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