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Changes the displayed recipe names of the Satchel Charge and Fat Mine Remote conversions to be more clear.

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Requires Project Nevada, Project Nevada Extra Options, and all DLC.

The Project Nevada ALL DLC plugin from the Project Nevada Extra Options mod includes workbench recipes that allow you to convert Satchel Charges and Fat Mines to remotely detonated variants, and also to convert the remote variants back to the normal versions. In the recipe list, however, both of these conversions display the same thing: "Remote Satchel Charge" and "Remote Fat Mine." The output items are correct in both cases, as are the ingredients; they simply aren't indicated perfectly.

This mod changes the recipes to appear in the list as follows for clarity:

Satchel Charge to Remote Satchel Charge
Remote Satchel Charge to Satchel Charge

Fat Mine to Remote Fat Mine
Remote Fat Mine to Fat Mine

Install with your mod manager of choice or, to install manually, extract the contents of the Data folder in the archive to your New Vegas Data folder and activate the plugin through the game launcher or mod manager.
To uninstall, simply deactivate the plugin or delete it. This mod will have no lasting effect on your save once uninstalled.

If you want to limit the number of active plugins you have, simply use FNVEdit to copy the Recipe category of this plugin as an override into another active plugin or merged patch of your choice.