Fallout New Vegas
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Simply restores hit topics, like Fallout 3.

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Fallout 3 had hit topics, that means, NPCs spoke a line when hit. FNV has the lines too, but oddly, they don't work in the game. This mod simply forces them to function. Requires JIP LN.

WARNING : TO USE THIS MOD, FALLOUTNV.ESM MUST BE AT THE ABSOLUTE TOP OF YOUR LOAD ORDER!. (that means, position 00). You should always have FALLOUTNV.ESM at the top of your LO anyways, BUT, this mod will almost surely crash your game if you don't have it at the top of your LO. You've been warned.
 Ignore, it will not crash now, still, your FalloutNV.esm doesn't belong in ANY LO position other than 00, so, I'd adjust it if I were you anyway.