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An armor that lets everyone know you really dont like deathclaws, and have atleast a few kills on them under your belt.

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Can be found somewhere in the Samson rock crushing plant

Please do not take the clipping errors on the arms of the female version as me being lazy, getting the female one to work in the first place was a series of compromises. There is A LOT of clipping when walking to the left in third person. (when not holding a weapon) The male one is better in regards to clipping but not perfect. I understand that some people are used to clipping and imperfections such as this, but I try to be better than that, almost aiming to be overly perfect sometimes. I may return to this sometime in the future, but I am not making any promises.

TL:DR The clipping was not an oversight or me being lazy, I have just put so much time into this that I cant bring myself to make it perfect, and I hope you can understand that.