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Fixing the Mojave LOD, one eyesore at a time. LOD texture patches for NMCs and Poco/Ojo Beuno for proper LODs.

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700 Endorsements, hot damn! Thank you to everyone who endorsed!

In a nutshell, this mod adds proper LOD textures for NMC's texture pack and Poco/Ojo Beunofor various objects that previously didn't have designated LOD textures for them. For now this mod only has patches for the most obvious offenders, mainly roads, overpasses, Mccarran wall towers, Mccarran grey walls and block towers (most obvious in Primm) and Industrial buildings. Because these meshes didn't have LOD textures in NMC's texture pack or Poco/Ojo it resulted in extremely janky and obvious pop-in as there was a major disparity in the textures regarding color and detail for the LOD models and fully loaded models.  In other words, with this mod, no more mismatched textures.

Contains diffuse textures and Normals. No meshes or esps. Install the mod, run FNVLODGEN and enjoy.

Let me know if there are other textures which are mismatched and I'll try to fix them.

Overwrite files from Much Needed LOD with mine. This is recommended.

Requires NMCs textures and FNVLODGEN.

Tools used

Me for the mod
Audley for the normals
NMC for his textures
Tapioks for Poco/Ojo textures
Zilav and Sheson for FNVLODGEN
Obsidian for F:NV