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The DEFINITIVE armor of the canonical courier.

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Hello Nexus. Here's a story. I always thought that the courier's canonical clothing had to be more or less the same as shown on the DLC Lonesome Road image.

We have a mod that does this, Lonesome Road Duster from Concept Art by rjhelms84 (wich, by the way, I love it and I totally recommend you download it and give the author an endorse). But it was not precisely what I was looking for, something was missing and I could not tell what it was.

Searching for images of the courier on the internet is a terror. The usual result is always an big badass ranger and I do not think he should wear a ranger armor. IMHO.

Today I find this


It was love at first sight. It shows that you were in Zion and solved the conflict in the region. It shows that you unlocked the secrets of Big Montain. And it shows that you walked through the destroyed roads of Divide and put an end to your past ghosts, before the great final battle of the game. To represent Dead Money, I put the gloves from the Assassin Suit. (although I think it would be enough to use the holorifle hehe. Anyway, I like those gloves)

This outfit also keeps the futuristic cowboy style, which again I think is right for the courier.

And that's it. I went there and made the armor. :)

edit: now with a hat that have the blue orb bigger. 



1) Where do I get it?

- You craft it. For the armor, Graham armor and your favorite duster. Workbench and repair 30.

You have a armor that is Ulysses Duster (same health, repair list, blablabla) but with a DT 18 and the combined bonus of the two armors.

The helmet need this blue orb thing, Ulysses mask and a brown ranger hat. Also have the combine bonus of all the itens. Workbench and repair 30.

2) Where's the cheat box?

- You little rat. Do you want to cheat? Then use the console command "tcl" and enter inside your open grave in the goodsprings cemitery. There's a safe there with all the armor.

3) Any issues?

- yes. There is a little problem in the front pockets with the female armor. I have not the slightest idea how to solve it.

Also, I made this mod in lightning fast, right now, at night. Took me......3 hours? Tops. I did not test, so tell me if you find anything else.

4) Can you adapt to my super hot body mod? Can you make it compatible with the ___________mod? Can you make better textures? Will it have other colors? 

- no.

Edit: Ok, now have a new texture. Craft with Ulysses´ Duster. 

All credits for the textures goes to the wonderful work of decrepithawk for this mods here
https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44002 Courier Outfit
https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42368 SWAT Armor



Extract the file in your New Vegas foulder and use your favorite mod manager to activate the .esp



If someone has an account in devianart, it would be nice to send to the author of the image on which I was based to make the armor, the link to this mod. I think he'd like to see.