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Lost Lands is a adventure to a new World Space based in the Atchafalaya Basin (Note: not exactly similar to the real location). It involves a cast of new characters, and the story will change dependent on the choices you make along the way. Besides the new World Space, There are also a load of new weapons and sub-worlds.

Permissions and credits
-Thank you for taking the time to read this!

This mod is Lost Lands. A mod I had no intention of creating until one late night during Halloween, shoving a big bowl of popcorn down my throat. It was initially just going to be a new world space to explore with no story added to it, but I threw a story in there to actually make the mod somewhat investing. The mod has been in development since Halloween of 2017,  and now it's finally finished (For the most part).  While I personally believe the story could have been much better than it is currently, it's still a fun experience none the less. There's a mix of Horror, sorrow, and action in this mod, so I hope that;'s enough for everyone. So I hope you enjoy this mod for what it is, and make sure to let me know about the issues that may be lurking within it. I'll try to get an update out when I can.


-All DLC, pre-order packs not required (About time)
-Speedy Resources
-Not exactly required but you may want Roberts Male Body.

About the Story
Lost Lands starts out simply enough as a young girl named Gretchen and her brother Grady are looking for a mercenary to help her return home to her now estranged family.  Once you secure a mode of transportation, you'll have the choice to hire another mercenary as assistance (That is, if you want assistance). I wont say anymore, but I will say this. There's more to this story than the journey, as the destination has a lot in store for it. There's a steady balance of Horror and Action as well as a minor backstory to every character and location. Oh, did I mention all the new weapons? OH, and side quests. There's only three side quests in the whole mod as the main story takes front seat here, but the side quests can offer some fun rewards. 

Scary? How Scary?
-Not that scary, but it seems I'm not one to judge on that. 

How to Start the mod?
There are a few ways to start this mod. You can either find a notice or flyer about a job available in the Mojave Outpost. These flyers are located in several key places around the game, such as the Mormon fort, Atomic Wrangler, or Prospector's Saloon. Of course, if you don't feel like hunting for notes, you can always just go to the Mojave Outpost and talk to Gretchen without prior knowledge of a job available and still get hired.

Bugs that I know about currently.
-The weapon called the Flash Camera does not work properly
-If Cooper and Gretchen both die during one of the ultimatum scenes, the story will not advance.

If there area bugs, why don't you fix them? Well, for two reasons unfortunately. I'm about to lose a lot of free time in the near future, so I thought I'd get this out there as soon as possible. The issue involving cooper should be fixed in a future version. The issue with the flash camera is something beyond my current knowledge and I might just remove it entirely. I hope I don't have to. Let me know if any other issues pop up.

-So, there might be a few issues with bugs in this, but don't let that stop you. I suggest you read some the comments from others people you play so you know what you're in for. (unless you don't want spoilers)
-Tell me what you like and hate. I accept criticism and insults.
-I won't be updating this for a while, and don't message me when I do. Despite popular belief I do actually do other things .... once in a  while. If there is an issue, I apologize. 
-IF there is a bug, PLEASE, tell me but be as detailed as possible so I know what the hell you are talking about. For example, if you say "The lady won't talk to you on the thing during the thing.", I'm probably not going to answer. 
-I would suggest that you have music enabled as they will really boost the atmosphere in this mod in the new world space area.
-I like to hear criticisms about the story and characters more so than game play criticisms, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy game play criticisms. Don't sugarcoat it either. Sometimes, I think that's worse. 
-Depending on which character you take along with you, they will bring different outcomes and different skill sets. Be aware of who you're taking with you. They can make the journey different, more difficult, or easier. 

Mods Used

Speedy Resources by SpeedyB64
Tomb Raider Anniversary Pistol - 45 Auto Pistol Retex and Modder Resource by Blachnick90 (Gretchen's Pistol) 
Tough Traveller Armour by hagyjalbeken (Harrison's Outfit)
TGs Armor Collection for New Vegas by thatguy10 (Gretchen's Outfit/Cooper's Outfit) 
Creature and Weapon Modders Resources by CIB 

(If I forgot anyone, let me know)

Voices Used - Credited by their names on Casting Call Club
Gretchen Mooney - uuntiedshoelace
Grady Mooney - umekomu
Rose Mooney/ Lilianna Mooney - girlypants
Eddie Mooney - gyorgysva
Harrison - Wyatt Henry
Mr.Cooper - MPBVoices
Emily - claymarissa
Jerry - StupidAnswer
Jay/Sheriff/Dartigan - ihsfilms
First Sergeant Miller - space coast dragon
The Old Man - LeLovelySuccubus
Elroy - Coolfiend
Galan - crabcakes125
Big Bayou - dead-vo
Dr.Williams - sturkmaster