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x2 upscaled resolution, with no ugly blurring or sharpening.

Permissions and credits
So as it turns, out, a certain method of upscaling (the same method used for Vanilla Loading Screens HD, which that page explains)  works really nicely on most of the posters found in the game. The result is a crisp image without any of the ugliness caused by sharpening. Extra work was needed to keep the alpha (transparency) intact.

(Screenshots would be nice as I've completely forgotten where some of these are.)

Note: I've had mixed results with the graffiti, and for sure none of the DLC graffiti turned out correctly. So far the graffiti contained in texture "blocks" (and generally aren't 128x128 textures) turned out fine, but if you see any that stick out let me know, and feel free to delete the textures\clutter\graffiti folder.

Included textures:

Followers Flag
General wasteland graffiti
Ulysses' graffiti - I fixed the alpha for this one, the transparency was misaligned
Hoover Dam graffiti
Text on graves
NCR Posters
Mr. House portrait
Rorchach tests
Poseidon Energy posters
Vault 11 posters
Repcon posters
Sierra Madre posters
Sunset Sarsparilla posters

Dead Money:
Vera's photo
Elijah's projection
Cosmic Knife poster and kiosk
Movie poster

Honest Hearts:
Zion National Park posters

Old World Blues:
Cosmic Knife poster (again)
Movie poster (again)
Ralphie poster
Repconn posters
Securitron posters
Sierra Madre poster
Dean Domino poster
Think Tank photo

Lonesome Road:
Ralphie Poster (again)
Red Glare posters
That government seal on the floor in the silo

To do:
Learn how to make vectors when working with 5 pixels
Either get permission to use Acoraito's weathered version of the few posters Bethesda released the high res art of, or learn to weather (the latter could be going better)
Figure out the lack of a proper alpha channel on the posters carried over from FO3 (they've got transparency, but no alpha...)