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Aim down sights with the press of a button, rather than holding it.

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Allows you to toggle your aim by tapping the aim key, instead of having to hold it down constantly. Does not affect melee, unarmed, or thrown weapons.

This mod will also:
  • Untoggle your aim for you during a reload, allowing you to move at full speed
    • Optionally re-toggles your aim after the reload has finished
  • Optionally allow you to toggle melee/unarmed blocking
  • Optionally allow you to toggle zooming with a holstered or thrown weapon


  • Drag and drop the config folder into your data folder; merge.
  • Drag and drop nvse folder into your data folder; merge.

This mod is completely safe to install, or uninstall at any point in a playthrough. Your save file will be safe.

  • Remove Toggle Aim.ini from your data/config/ folder.
  • Remove ln_ToggleAim.txt from the data/nvse/plugins/scripts/ folder.

This mod uses the HoldControl and ReleaseControl functions. It does not use HoldKey or ReleaseKey. If a mod triggers something dependent on key presses instead of control presses, Toggle Aim won't trigger that action.

Toggle Aim will conflict with mods that will prevent you from using your "aim" control.