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Introduces an immersive way of buying the items that are on display in any shops across the wasteland. It also includes an optional module that does not let you grab items that are not owned by you.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds a Buy option whenever you press the Activate key on an item that has the Steal prompt. By default, at least an owner of the item or a member of the owning faction must be present and alive in the area in order for the Buy option to appear.

When you press the Buy option, another menu will pop up showing you more details about the item, the price modifiers from the owner's faction reputation and barter skill and finally, the total price. Pressing the Confirm button will add the item to your inventory and transfer the caps you paid to the merchant. If there is no merchant, the caps are permanently removed.

Note: The price of an item is increased if you buy it via the Buy option when there are no owner merchants in the area.

I have also included the No Grabbing of NPC Owned Items mod as an optional module, which can be turned off via the No Grabbing of Owned Items MCM option. This mod will not allow you to grab NPC owned items as long as there is an owner in the area.

Buy Option - "Setting this to OFF will effectively disable the "Buy" option from appearing."
No Grabbing of Owned Items - "Setting this to ON will not allow you to grab items that you don't own, provided an owner is in the area."
Merchant Only - "Toggles the "Buy" option to appear only if an owner merchant is present and alive in the area."
Sneak Auto-Steal - "Toggles the "Buy" option to not appear when in sneak mode."
Ghost Merchant - "Toggles the "Buy" option to appear even if there are no owners in the area."

Installing this mod should not take more than 5 seconds: just drag the .esp file into your Data folder. Activating this mod in the middle of the playthrough is perfectly safe.

Uninstalling is done by doing the opposite of above. This mod is perfectly safe to uninstall mid-playthrough.

No vanilla entries have been modified in this mod. Should be compatible with any mod.

NVSE 5.14+
JIP LN NVSE 53.60+

DoctaSax - for their extremely useful MCM templates
piber20 and DarianStephens - for the original idea