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Replaces the boring old message in the corner with a brand-spanking-new hud element! No constantly running scripts, it's fully controlled by the old system. Also some optional benefits.

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After seeing that message in the corner one too many times, and having it clutter up the messages while in combat, I decided to do something about it: Writing my own script and changing the message effect to activate it.

The hud element is a radiation symbol, which will pulse slowly while in radiation, increasing in speed (Up to a point) and brightness the more radiation you're in.
Optionally, there's also a version that changes the actual effects of the perk, so that the DT and Speed bonuses are based upon the radiation levels, capped by the global variable 'AVSMaxBoons' (Default: 20) so you don't go insane in places like Vault 87 or other highly-irradiated areas.

Otherwise, it's the same old perk with a fancy new activity indicator, nothing else.

The script is not running at all when you're not in radiation, as it shuts itself down once the icon has faded out and gets reactivated the same way the message used to; through the effects of the perk.
This makes the mod stateless as long as you're not in radiation, making it safe to merge.
DISCLAIMER: Do not attempt to merge this mod while under exposure to radiation, as it will likely reset the quest's variables and leave your character's stats in the wrong state permanently, requiring you either start over or manually fix it with 'player.modav (affected stats)'.

Aside from that, I hope you enjoy, and if you encounter any issues (Particularly ones relating to stats for users of the Alternative Effects edition), please report them.

Installation Instructions:
This only applies to the Effects version; the visual one has no special instructions, since it has the same effects as the vanilla perk.
If you don't yet have the perk, just install.
If you have the perk, please:
  1. Save in a non-irradiated area.
  2. Install the mod as normal
  3. Remove the perk from yourself.
  4. Wait a few seconds in game.
  5. Re-add the perk.
  6. Enjoy your shnazzy new perk effects and notification!
The commands to add and remove the perk are 'player.addperk' and 'player.removeperk', respectively. After those, put the number 'xx008011', where 'xx' is the load order of Old World Blues.

Thanks to:
The editors of Technodeep, whose GECK wiki was invaluable in learning a lot of this stuff.
The developers of Old World Blues, for making such a subtly-annoying message system.
Paint.net, for being the tool I used to create the icon.

Console Background, for providing a working example for the injectUIComponent function.