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A collection of modder's resources

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Mongo Resources V2


This is a collection of resources that I originally created for a large mod that
I have been working on. Feel free to use these in any playable mod as long as you
give me credit. I have included an esm that you can use for your own mod so that,
if you so choose, you can just add this resource pack as a requirement to your mod
so that you don't have to add items individually to your own mod.

I will be adding to this collection periodically as I continue to develop mods that
use this resource pack. It is my intention to keep this resource pack upwardly compatible,
meaning that if you have a mod that was created to use an older version of this resource
pack, that mod will continue to work without modifications using the latest version
of this resource pack.


ArchInterior (statics)

Several Usonian home retextured parts are included. Each retexture includes a wall,
a window, and two doorframes, one that has the doorframe baseplate and one that does
not. You will need the baseplate to match up your interiors to some existing interior
parts. However, I have noticed that the player and NPCs will sometimes hop up over
the baseplate, which just looks odd. If you use the doorframes without the baseplates
then there will be no odd hopping as the player or NPC walks through the doorway.

I have included stairs for some textures.

Retextures included:
Green, Blue, Pink - These are the FNV textures with the color adjusted.
Green2, Blue2, Red2 - plain wall texture with cracks
Cellar - Concrete block for use in cellars/basements
Crackedwall - 11 different variants of old, grungy, and cracked walls
Wallpaper - 7 different variants
Floor textures - cellarfloor, blue, green, pink, two woodfloors, 7 tile variants

Architecture (statics)

Concrete bridge
Concrete blocks and slabs in various shades (light, med, dark)
Fences (several types)
Guard Booth
Lamplight Office stripped down to just the bare building
Lamlight ticket booth stripped down to just the bare structure
Library (a fairly simple small empty building intended to be a small town library)
Novac House 02 retextures: blue, green, red, and yellow
Novac House 02 with no porch with vanilla texture, and also blue, green, red, and yellow
Parking Lot
Refugee Lean-To: 5 different textures
Refugee Tents: 5 different textures
Road Chunk Set (based on vanilla road chunk pieces, useful for parking lots)
Metal backyard shed
Wood backyard shed
Stoplight (modified from vanilla FNV stoplight)
TeePee: 9 different textures
Train Bridge: comes in four separate pieces that can be combined to make a metal frame bridge
Transmission Building Top: Modification of one of the vanilla transmission buildings
   (useful as a small standalone building)
Vendor Stalls: Food and Water
Wasteland Home Ext 05: This is a two-story home that exists in the FNV texture and mesh files
   but does not have a static entry in the GECK
Old wood buildings (2 variants)
West Side Liquor Store with awning removed

Road Parts

Several road parts are included, which are mostly combinations of WastelandRoadStraightLong
and WastelandRoadStraightLongB in different sets of four pieces combined into a single object.
This makes road creation in new worldspaces much less tedious and dramatically reduces the
number of objects required.

There is also a road hump (called HumptyHump) which I originally created for railroad crossings,
but has proven to have a lot of other uses. For example, placing the hump at the top of a hill
allows you to use flat and level road pieces at various angles to produce a wide variety of
ramp angles. The hump may also be used for slight elevation increases and decreases while placing
roads on new landscapes.

Halloween Resources

Plastic pumpkins (misc objects), posters, and various Halloween decorations. Originally released
as a separate resource pack.

Kitchen Sets

It always bothered me that FNV kitchens didn't have a kitchen sink. I created two kitchen sets,
one wider and one thinner, which include a sink, a static base, and different doors which function
as containers.

Misc Statics

Air Conditioner
Arcade Games: Atomic Command, Red Menace, Zeta Invaders
  (sorry, not playable, get FO4 if you want to actually play these games)
Bird Bath
Several boxes
Car Jack
Centrifuge (useful for chem labs and tech labs of various types)
Clock with 4 different textures
Clothes Washer and Dryer
Clothesline (outdoor)
Clothes Washer and Dryer single stack unit
Seven different consoles with several different textures
Dart Board
Deep Fryer
Desktop Planner
Dolly (the cargo moving kind, not a toy doll)
Dream Catcher
Easel with and without canvas
End Table (simple) two versions with two different textures each
Equpment Racks: 6 different textures
FEV Equipment
Furnace (yes, the Mojave is a hot desert, but it gets cold in the winter)
Ice Cream Machine
Lab Equipment (typical nonsense sci-fi type lab equipment, not based on anything real)
Lamps: several different versions in different textures (some don't look very good in-game)
Lensmaker: A big machine designed for an eyeglass shop
Magazine Rack with rusty version also available
IBM Model 360 Mainframe and Tape Drive
PDP-8 Computer and Tape Drive
Makeup Desk, theater type
Static microphone, based on vanilla FNV microphone
Small microphone, based on vanilla FNV microphone
Microphone with boom, based on vanilla FNV microphone
Microwave Oven
Military Radio
Milkshake Mixer, a large mixer intended for an ice cream shop
Mirror, a fixed (sorta) version of the cracked mirror found in FNV
Mixer: A simple audio equiptment type electronic mixer
Mixer2: A more complicated audio equiptment type electronic mixer
Mortar: Two versions, three textures each, originally released as a separate resource
Phoropter: That funny machine that eye doctors use to figure out what glasses you need
Ping Pong Table: Clean and dirty versions
Printer Drawers: A static intended to decorate a print shop
Print Press: A large newspaper type printing press machine
Print Press, Wooden: A simple old-fashioned type printing press
Punching Bag
Radio, four different versions. Static only, but you can create your own working radios
   from these if you want
Sewing Machine Table: A small, crude table originally designed to hold a sewing machine
   but can be used as a generic table
Skid Pallet
Slant Shelves: Slanted shelves useful for displaying books and magazines. Note: The scale
   is a bit off so you'll probably want to modify the scale when placing these
Dark Wooden Shelves
Short Stage Light: Modified from vanilla FNV stage light since it was too tall for some interiors
Sub Coffe Table No Top: The vanilla FNV coffee table with the top part removed
Table01 Old Wood and Table02 Old Wood: Retextures of Table01 and Table02
Tape Machine: A four-unit reel to reel tape machine for recording studios, TV studios,
   scientific rooms, and other uses
Tape Recorder: A reel to reel tape recorder
Target: Two variants, DOD and Round
Televisions: 7 different variants (4 tabletop and 3 free standing). The free standing versions can be
   used as-is and also look good if scaled up to about 1.3 or so for more deluxe (bigger) models
TV Camera: Designed for a TV studio
TV Control Panels: 2 different textures, clean and rusty versions of each, designed for a TV studio
TV Stand
Water Heater
Water Trough (sorry the water isn't animated)
Barbell, large and small versions
Weight Bench
Wood Chipper (Mr. Chipper!)
X-ray Developer (clean and rusty versions)
X-ray Machine (clean and rusty versions)


A total of 63 paintings (as of the time that I am writing this). More will probably be added later.
Mostly older (old enough that the images are public domain) paintings, with ahout twenty or so generic
damaged paintings for decorating ruined house interiors.

Signs and Posters

Over 200 signs, posters, and graffiti


Generic Fire Truck: The Searchlight Fire Truck with the Searchlight decal removed
Flatbed Truck retextures: Blue, Green, Yellow, and vanilla without the NW Disposal Systems decal


Brahmin Burger
Brahmin Fries
Brahmin Milk
Burger Deluxe
Candy Cigarettes
Candy Corn
Caramel Candy
Cat Food
Chateau Lafeyette Wine (mentioned only in FO2)
Chateau Montrose Wine (mentioned only in FO3)
Cream Soda
Crunchy Frog
Dirty Fenster Brown Ale (appears on beer taps in Vanilla FNV)
Dog Food
Dunwicks Beer (appears on beer taps in Vanilla FNV)
US Army Field Rations
Fishbrau Pale Ale (appears on beer taps in Vanilla FNV)
French Fries
Gamma Gulp Beer (from FO2)
Ginger Ale
Grape Soda
Horowitz Lager (appears on beer taps in Vanilla FNV)
Hot Dog
Hufu (the healthy human food alternative, for cannibals trying to kick the human flesh habit)
Jelly Beans
Maddog 30/30 (from FO2)
Nuka Cola Dark (from FO4, but this version uses FO3/FNV bottle with retexture due to copyright issues)
Nuka Cola Grape
Nuka Cola Orange
Nuke Cola Wild
Onion Rings
Orange Soda
Red Bison (Red Bull parody)
Roentgen Rum (from FO2)
Root Beer
Soylent Green (it's people!)
Supa Yum (the soda bottles hydra uses are Supa Yum bottles)
Wonka Bar

Black Death .357 Revolver
Can of Whoop Ass
Chines Assault Rifle (from FO3, uses meshes and textures from FNV game files)
Dragon 9mm Pistol (custom 9mm with dragon on grip)
Lincoln Repeater (from FO3, uses meshes and textures from FNV game files)
Pipe Bomb
R91 Assault Rifle (assault rifle from FO3, uses meshes and textures from FNV game files)
Rusty 10 mm Pistol
Rusty .357 Revolver
Rusty Service Rifle
Rusty Single Shotgun
Rusty Varmint Rifle
Skull 9mm Pistol  (custom 9mm with skull on grip)
Black Widow 9mm Pistol  (custom 9mm with spider on grip)

Basic tools toolbox: Contains hammer, pliers, needle-nose pliers, screwdrivers (flat and phillips), wrench
Snap Off toolbox: Toolbox with Snap Off logo on it (Snap Off is from FO2, a parody of Snap-On Tools)
Bathroom Cabinet
BB Gun Crate
Beer Machine (2 versions)
Candy Machine (7 versions)
Cash Register containing pre-war money only
Cigarette Machine (3 versions)
Coffee Machine
Soda Machine (several versions)
Rusty Desk
Wood Desk (3 versions)
Dresser (22 versions)
Gum Machine
Gun Cabinet (3 versions)
Medicine Cabinet / Bathroom Mirror
Milk Machine
Nuka Cola Vending Machine (uses standard FNV model, contains extra flavors in ingestibles section above)
Narrow Oven Range (good for small kitchens)
Red Bison Machine
Supa Yum Machine
TV Stand (3 variants)
Wardrobe (4 versions)

Books and Magazines

I hated the generic books in FO3/FNV, so I created a few books with book covers. Then I created a few more.
Then I got a little carried away. There are currently over 750 books and over 80 magazines. They are misc
items and cannot be read, and intended for decorative use, though they can also be used for fetch quests.

The books are mostly older books, or are otherwise in the public domain. Some are fictional books that are
from movies or TV shows and don't really exist.

An encyclopedia set is also included, though the books in the set all use the same generic book model.

Coffee Mugs

I also got a bit carried away with coffee mugs. There are over 50 variations included.


These are misc items with box art only, not actual playable games. All games are public domain, except
for Blast Radius which uses advertising art from FO4 (which is permitted, unlike using the actual FO4
texture, which is not permitted due to copyright)

Games: Alphabet, Aviation, Backgammon, Bicycle Race, Bingo, Blast Radius, Blow Football, Buccaneer,
Bull, Checkers, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Dr. Busby, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Jack and Jill, Where's Johnny,
King's Castle, The Landlord Game (this eventually evolved into the modern Monopoly game), Lincoln Logs,
Red Riding Hood, Sociable Snake, Spaceship, Teen Time, Tiddley Winks, Troublesome Pigs, Uncle Wiggly,
The Peculiar Game of My Wife and I, Wild Animals

Misc Items
Acoustic guitar: 6 retextures of the vanilla FNV guitar
Alarm Clock: 3 versions
Anchorage Flag: A tri-fold Anchorage commemorative flag similar to that seen in FO4.
Antibiotics (serves no useful purpose in-game)
Baby Rattle (uses FNV assets)
BADTFL card: ID card for Bureau of Alcohol Drugs Tobacco Firearms and Lasers
Ball: 3 versions (red, green, blue)
Barber Scissors
Bass (standup violin bass)
Contraceptive Pills
Blinker Fluid
Blue Pills (for erectile dysfunction) No brand name, to avoid copyright/trademark issues
Cat Bowl
Dog Bowl: Red and blue versions
Brake Fluid
Card Deck: Several variants (red, blue, Crazy Eights, Happy Family, Old Maid, Pinup, Tarot)
   Note: Card decks do not actually contain cards. They are just a misc item
Tragic the Garnering Card Deck (from FO2, parody of Magic the Gathering)
Car Insurance ID Card
Bag of Cement
Movie Clap Board
Clipboards: Cargo Manifest, Report Form, TPS Report, Visitor Log
Condom: Jimmy Hats (from FO2)
Credit Card
Dice (3 variations)
Dream Catcher
Drinking Glass: Clown, Nuka-Cola, and Sunset Sarsaparilla
Driver's License
Empty Ingestibles: beer bottle, cram, cream soda, Diry Fenster, Dunwicks, Fishbrau, Ginger Ale,
   Grape Soda, Horowitz Lager, Orange Soda, Pork N Beans, Potato Crisps, Red Bison, Root Beer,
   Sugar Bombs, Supa Yum
Engine Coolant
Fertilizer Bag
Film Canister
Bag of Fertilizer
Film Projector
Geiger Counter
Gold Ingot
Gold Ore
Gold Watch
Hairbrush (4 colors)
Hair Spray
Health Insurance Card
Hula Girl (based on FNV static object)
Kazoo (3 colors)
Kuhneutson Valve
Leaf Blower
Cigarette Lighters: 2 types, 4 colors for type 1, 14 textures for type 2
Lithium Pegmatite (a type of rock, mined in Nevada to make Lithium batteries)
Lunch boxes: Blank, Corvega, Grognak, Nuka-Cola, pink, pink teddybear, Silver Shroud
Makeup Kit
Medical Chart
Mojave Express ID Card
Military ID Card
Military Veteran ID Card
Movie Camera
Muffler Bearings
Nixon Doll
Ping pong ball and paddle
Pliers and needle nose pliers
Press ID Card
Screwdriver flat and phillip head
Sewing Machine
Silver Ingot
Soap (blue and pink)
Suprathaw anti-freeze
Taxi License
Teddy Bears: 3 colors
Toothbrush: 3 colors
Toy car: Blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and Nuka-Cola
Toilet Paper
Trinitite (a type of glass produced by nuclear explosions)
Uranium Ore
US Army Dog Tag
Vacuum Cleaner


ChairVault01 modified with front sitting position
Folding Chair: clean(ish) and rusty versions
Invisible Chair - for when you really want to sit on something
Old Sparky - electric chair (won't shock you)
Suburban Chair retextures: blue, brown, green, red, and plaid
Suburban couch retextures: blue, brown, blue-green, red, and plaid
Dining chair retextures: blue, green, orange, and red
Sittable swingsets
Sittable train station bench
Sittable vault bench R01
Wooden chair (7 textures), front, left, and right sit

Movable Statics

Car03 retextured in several different colors: blue, green, red, and purple.


Hand water pump
Rusty work bench
rusty metal sink with purified water


Important Note: These robots are not fully implimented yet and will be expanded upon in
later releases. The robots currently only wander around wherever you place them and generally
will not interact with anyone.

Backhoe Bot
Burger Bot
Forklift Bot
Janitor Bot
Mr. Helpful (Mr. Handy knockoff)
Robot Water Purifier

Known Issues

I am not a professional 3-D modeler. Do not expect professional quality models.
Some small items like cigarette lighters will ocassionally float if disturbed.


These resources are free to use in any playable mod for Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 3 as long
as credit is given, and the mod is available for free. For all other uses, contact the mod author.

These resources may not be uploaded to other sites.

Contact info: [email protected]


Wikimedia Commons
The Public Domain Project
The Pulp Magazines Project