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Want some random bounty hunting?

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I've uploaded this mod again because I found out that my first upload was not working properly on certain conditions. This is bugfixed version, nothing has changed much with this mod or  New Vegas Bounties II in terms of gameplay. Overwrite NewVegasBountiesII.esp in your data folder.

There's no voice, textures, meshes in this mod. You have to download original mod to play New Vegas Bounties II.

Many people already know that New Vegas Bounties 2 has radiant bounties that randomly generated at Boulder City Jail just like skyrim and also many people know that timer for that random bounties to be respawned is too long(It takes in-game 24 hours). So most people just ignore that brilliant feature of NVB 2. I did too. Until I have learned how to edit script with GECK.

What I have done is simple. I have edited a single script from New Vegas Bounties 2 that manages respawn time of random radiant bounties. It makes possible for you to take new random bounties right after you have turned in a live target or finger(About 3 seconds). So you can wander around Mojave to hunt down random criminals from Fiends to Mad scientist at random locations all around Mojave without any pointless waiting time . 

REQUIRED MOD - New Vegas Bounties II of Someguy2000