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Riot Gear + Ulysses Duster. Made by Request.

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I love the idea of the Courier Duster. You have fought long and hard, and now you have a piece of clothing that represents all of the actions you have made, as you march onto the Dam for one last fight. But at the same time, the Elite Riot Gear looks like the perfect armor to wear for a battle as epic as Hoover Dam. What I guess I am asking is, is it possible for a mod that is basically the Elite Riot Gear, that has the Courier Duster on it. You can even make it so that you need both of the armors and craft it. I am just always conflicted, As the Riot Gear is quite possibly the best looking armor in the game, but it requires you leave behind one of the more symbolic ones behind."


Instalation: Extract the .rar file in your New Vegas folder. Activate the .esp with your favorite mod manager.


To install the update, you must install the main file and then download the update, extract and MANUALLY paste the extracted file into the folder "NewVegas/Data"
I forgot to do this for you.

THEN you have to delete the old .esp and activate the new one with your favorite mod manager.

Location: Craft with a Elite Riot Gear plus your favorite Duster. The armor will have the bonus of the 2 others. For example: Yes Man Duster + Elite Riot Gear = +1 charisma, +1 luck, +5% Critical chances, +30 poison resist, +10 guns

You also can pick all armors in a cheat suitcase. Problem is, the suitcase is the same that Rawr is watching. Good luck.