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Version of Lead - Bullet Ballistics with realistic velocities and ballistic drop.

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Removes bullet hitscan, changes their velocity to as real as possible values, changes their bullet drop gravity based on the round's weight and removes tracers.

This has close to realistic velocities and different bullet drop depending on round weight. In ingame units 70 units is 1 meter, so if a real 9mm Parabellum full metal jacket round goes at 360 meters a second, I make the projectile speed value 70 X 360 = 25200. The round weights 7.5 grams so I make the gravity value 7.5. The gravity value does not perfectly mirror the drag coefficient.


Uses assets from the Honest Hearts,  Lonesome Road and Gun Runners Arsenal official DLCs.

Conflicts with mods that change these projectiles or certain weapons that now use their correct projectiles.

Works with: TTW, Project Nevada


Install either with Nexus Mod Manager, by using the NMM add file function or manually take the .esp file from the .rar file and place it into your Fallout: New Vegas Data folder. Uninstall either with Nexus Mod Manager or manually by deleting the .esp from the Data folder.


Thanks maekol for help with the IMPACT patch!

For a slower velocity non realistic version check out my other mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/64430