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Retexture of the Seed Package found in Old World Blues.

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Retexture of the Seed Package.

This mod retextures the Seed Packages found in Old World Blues which are targets of the quest Field Research.
This affects the 3 packages and does not interfere with the quest.

Manually download the file and to install it, drop the contents into your Fallout New Vegas folder.
To uninstall the retexture just delete the nvdlc03seedbox_d and nvdlc03seedbox_n files.

Notes -
  • Oddly the texture itself is named Seedbox.
  • If the mod is too 'shiny' in game with your visual setup, try deleting the _n file.
  • Requires Old World Blues DLC.
  • I do not claim to own nor have created the original Seedbox texture (Bethesda/Obsidian) or the images used to create the new Seedbox which were found freely available online.

Thank you for downloading, I hope that my mod added to your Wasteland experience - even if only very slightly.
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