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This is a simple and concise tutorial about making a new vault sign with your own text. Covers Blender, niftools, photoshop and GECK.

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This tutorial is intended to newbies or people who haven't been able to create anything new yet for game.

This tutorial covers following ways:
  • Getting nif and dds textures out of BSA
  • importing, editing and exporting into/ from blender (2.49 and latest)
  • creating new texture files as DDS in Photoshop.
  • adjusting new object in niftools for correct projection
  • Making various emission colors for signs, like green, red, yellow and non-glowing. (figured it out myself though - didn't find it on internet so sharing it here)
  • importing new model in GECK for use in game.

I have tried to keep is very simple and illustrated with relevant images almost everywhere even to the basics. 

I originally tried to make a PDF out of it but i saw its quality degraded to significant levels, not the text but the images so I zipped full-res PNGs instead.
I have also included finished NIF and DDS file for reference in case you get stuck.
You may also find redundancy at places which is intentional to keep readers on track about what exactly I am talking about, because there is a lot of stuff going on and I know readers may eventually get confused.
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