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Fixes three small bugs in Simple Street Lights.

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Simple Street Lights is a light weight and lore-friendlier alternative to the ELECTRO-CITY mod, and it has a place in my updated mod guide.

Unfortunately, it was brought to my attention that Simple Street Lights breaks the Ant Misbehavin quest. It turns out that the two scripts weren't recompiled (or compiled at all) when a deleted light was removed from the references. I've edited the scripts to actually reflect this change, and recompiled them.

Also an LOD related flag had been removed from the Lucky 38 which caused generated LOD to have issues with it. This flag has been restored.

What this mod does:

Makes it so the quest doesn't break.

What it doesn't do:

Add lights. You need the base mod for that.


Make sure you only have one of the two Simple Street Lights plugins (they both contain the entire mod), then load this plugin after. LOOT also sorts this correctly.