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My Multi look ENB from Fallout 4 redone in New Vegas

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Seasons of the Abyss

This is my Multi Look ENB ported form Fallout 4 to New Vegas ;D Tho i had to redo all the Shader for this game.
Because i don,t have a good  rig i tried to keep performance loss at a minimum.
Here a Little Video explaining how to switch the Looks:

1. Go to the ENB page and download the latest version of the ENB binary
2. extract the d3d9.dll into your game folder (were your game .exe is)
3. Extract all of my files form this page into your game folder.
4.Open the enbseries folder and find the file named "ENB_Config.ini" and read whats inside ;)
5. Enjoy ;D

Little preview of what the presets do:

-Credits and People i want to Thank-

Kingeric1992: Not only is the DoF and the LUT code made by him he also gave me advise. Without him i would not be able to do this. Big Thanks

Boris Vorontsov: There would not be any ENB without him. Thanks for making all this possible

Also Thanks to: James Autumn, RatDragon, TreyM, and many others for motivation, Inspiration and Support. You guys make modding fun for me :D

Everything i make is free to use by anyone !BUT!
I want to make you aware of what a punch in the face Moddrop is. Here is a good Video about it I wont support anyone uploading this or the ENB binary on this shit.