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Adds LOD texture and models for the limestone cliffs found in areas such as Quarry Junction and Gypsum Train Yard.

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Limestone LOD
The missing LOD for limestone found in areas such as Quarry Junction always bothered me.
Because of this, I decided to 
create LOD for the limestone cliffs. It comes in three different options.
1024x with high poly meshes. 1024x with low poly meshes. And a performance version, 512x with lower poly meshes.
All of the options will make the area look substantially better, but you can only pick one. 

I created the meshes by importing the original models into3ds Max. From there, I reduced the poly count by using the MultiRes modifier.
The low poly models are between 50 - 200 vertices, and the high poly models are between 250 - 500 vertices.
I didn't notice any major hit on performance during testing. 

Required Mods:
1. Download FNVLODGEN
2. Install this mod and the FNVLODGEN resource packs via NMM or manually
3. Archive invalidate
4. Execute FNVLODGEN and generate the LOD.  Wait until it tells you that it's finished and can be closed.
5. Archive invalidate
6. Enjoy your newly generated LOD!

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-- LOD Resources for Vurt's WFO (only use this if you have Vurt's Flora Overhaul installed)

Zilav and the FNVEdit/FNVLODGEN team