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  1. kusmitch
    • member
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    Hi colleague! I really liked your Gravity Gun mod. I want to use scripts from this mod for my work. You do not mind?
  2. kusmitch
    • member
    • 42 posts
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    Great unusual mod! I really liked the implementation of scripts.
  3. KingOfArcadia
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    This has a strange glitch. I play with a controller, and if I point the gun at a dead body (people, horses, coyotes, etc.) and hold in the left and right triggers at the same time, it levels the Knocked Up challenge by 20 every second or so, giving you 75 XP each time it gets to 100 after about 7 seconds. The gun also doesn't work on anything much larger than a barrel or crate - it won't pick up a motorcycle or a truck or a person. I've got the current version of NVSE and I've tried it with both the 52.70 and 54.20 versions of JP LN NVSE.
  4. Eidehawk
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    Fallout 4 version?
  5. Alex Draco
    Alex Draco
    • member
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    Good idea, but the weapon does not seem to work for me. It does not work on moveable object at all. It just ragdolls the NPCs and deals minimal damage to them, but by no means throws them into the air like in the video. I don't know whether it is a mod conflict or something else.

    Below is my mod config, if this can help :

    [ ] DS_WH40K.esm
    [ ] EZ_CompanionNVSE.esm
    [X] Removable_Robot_Arms.esm
    [X] FalloutNV.esm
    [ ] OldWorldBlues.esm
    [ ] LonesomeRoad.esm
    [ ] GunRunnersArsenal.esm
    [X] YUP FRA - Jeu de base.esm
    [X] YUP FRA - Old World Blues.esm
    [X] YUP FRA - Lonesome Road.esm
    [X] YUP FRA - Gun Runners Arsenal.esm
    [X] AEVegas.esm
    [X] Operation Mirai - AR20 FAR.esm
    [X] Bionic Augmentation.esp
    [ ] HonestHearts.esm
    [ ] DeadMoney.esm
    [X] YUP FRA - NPC Corrections (Jeu de base).esp
    [X] EZ_GLUE.esp
    [X] Unique skill Magazines.esp
    [X] Collectable NES Games Bonus Pack.esp
    [ ] Vinyl Collection Bonus Pack.esp
    [X] Stowx-Ils-sont-la!.esp
    [X] PowerSuitSystem.esp
    [ ] Targeter.esp
    [X] Ultimate NES Collection.esp
    [X] Unique Items & Collectables.esp
    [X] Cables Plasma Pistol.esp
    [X] Plugin1Mine.esp
    [X] LeatherBackpack.esp
    [ ] RRA_NVEC.esp
    [ ] Near Death.esp
    [X] Roberts_NewVegas.esp
    [X] JokerineBuddyChicken.esp
    [X] Multitool.esp
    [X] MCI.esp
    [X] Lockpicks.esp
    [X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
    [ ] MaskRemoval.esp
    [X] BrigComp.esp
    [X] EZ_VanillaFollowers.esp
    [X] YangtzeBunkerPlayerHomeV1_5.esp
    [ ] iRodent - Vault 42.esp
    [X] RexSonicBark.esp
    [ ] Tailor Maid Black Retex - NV.esp
    [X] Tailor Maid - NV.esp
    [ ] MannequinNV.esp
    [X] SolarScorcherNV.esp
    [ ] DriveableMotorCycle.esp
    [X] RepairKit.esp
    [X] FrankHorrigan.esp
    [ ] JokerineLupaCompanion.esp
    [X] ObnoxiousCicada.esp
    [X] VulpineRace-Companions.esp
    [X] CASM.esp
    [X] Zan_AutoPurge_SmartAgro_NV.esp
    [X] Colossus T49.esp
    [X] SentryBotCompanion.esp
    [X] T60.esp
    [X] CassidyCompanion.esp
    [X] 20mm_flak_cannon.esp
    [X] UnderCover.esp
    [X] THOR.esp
    [X] ae86seiryuu.esp
    [X] drgNV - Marcus Companion.esp
    [X] Visible Implants Mk II.esp
    [X] Chainsaw Fist.esp
    [X] VulpineRace.esp
    [X] DesertWolf.esp
    [X] XFO - 9a - Enemies - AI revamp.esp
    [X] XFO - 9db - Enemies - NPC Healing - med.esp
    [X] JIP Companions Command & Control.esp
    [X] GabrielsGangsExpanded2.esp
    [X] MNK-RHINOgaussRevolver.esp
    [X] VertibirdCrashSites.esp
    [X] Colossus NV.esp
    [X] Tyranid Impaler Cannon.esp
    [X] Minimissilelauncher.esp
    [X] HW-Powerfist-7UPD.esp
    [X] Murdelizer.esp
    [X] WA_Lootcrates_FR.esp
    [X] EVE FNV - NO DLC.esp
    [X] GravityGun.esp
  6. djharry
    • BANNED
    • 12 posts
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    dont work
    1. Bottletopman
      • member
      • 1,516 posts
      • 22 kudos
      it's helpful to describe the actual issue, rather than just saying don't work
    2. weijiesen
      • supporter
      • 5,721 posts
      • 931 kudos
      REQUIREMENTS: JIP LN NVSE 52.70 or above???
      NVSE 5.1b4 or above???

      literacy clearly isn't your strength, so it is likely the lack of requirements is your issue
  7. Bottletopman
    • member
    • 1,516 posts
    • 22 kudos
    ...There is no Gordon, Judith...

    there is only...

    The Claw.
  8. FXUAssasin
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    I haven't downloaded this yet as I feel i could be better implemented. I really want to add this to my game as it adds another fun element to the game. Looking at your previous mods, it shouldn't be hard for you to create some sort of side quest where you discover this in a vault somewhere after finding a note on a corpse or a terminal explaining experiments of a gravity manipulating gun. I think that would make it particularly tempting for people like myself still interested in lore friendly gameplay. But still very cool mod!
    1. quicksilver500
      • member
      • 1,105 posts
      • 136 kudos
      There's this magical thing called headcannon, you can just take what you've written as the item's backstory bro, this guy don't gotta make it for you :P
    2. tgspy
      • supporter
      • 402 posts
      • 41 kudos
      Devilswish is busy scripting the Main Quest for the Frontier, this was a small side thing for him. He won't work on it again unless he really wants to. But I doubt it.
    3. SuperPCGamer
      • member
      • 182 posts
      • 0 kudos
      Dude if it's really that big of a deal to you why don't you just drop it somewhere in Big MT? You don't even need a quest for it, It'd fit right in as just a placement in one of the research buildings.
    4. weijiesen
      • supporter
      • 5,721 posts
      • 931 kudos
      what tgspy said ^

      be glad he even bothered to release this, given all the equally awesome mind-blowing magic he performs on Fallout: The Frontier.

      I'm actually thankful he didn't do what you suggested, because that would mean he'd have taken precious time away from Frontier for something relatively inconsequential
  9. mistermustache34
    • member
    • 3 posts
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    Half Life 3 confirmed? Yes.
  10. SuperPCGamer
    • member
    • 182 posts
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    I know you're getting a ton of unreasonable requests but would it be possible to add an MCM option to only pick up a single object at a time and to also exclude NPCs from being picked up?

    And really, thank you for this. I've been wanting a grav-gun in NV since it was first released. Now all I need is working split screen co-op and I'll have everything I ever wanted in my favorite game.