Fallout New Vegas
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Removed weight from every single piece of junk.
Everything is unweighted except for ammo boxes.
Legion ears are now more lucrative, because... they should be.

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     Have you ever wanted to run about the wastes and collect junk to your hearts desire?
     Have you been limited by your two weak feet and broken back now allowing you to get all that delicious loots?
     Look no further than this weightless junk mod! Literally every single piece of junk is now weightless!
     Why does this mod exist?

     This mod was basically just created because I found myself frequently picking up all sorts of junk so I could trade it in for caps, and it kept taking up     
     inventory space that was needed for gameplay items, like ammo, food, weapons etc. So I decided rather than have items that will be traded in for caps
     as soon as I hit a vendor, weighing down my inventory, they're now weightless.

     If you care about who I am or what I do, here's some sweet links
     Twitter : twitter.com/Kyle_M_Ras
     Website : kylerasmusson.wixsite.com/portfolio