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A very vanilla looking player home in Primm!

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Primm Home

Created by: Jarno Moleveld aka Mechwarrior94
Creation date: 15 December 2017 (finished 16th)
Release date: 16 December 2017
Version: 1.0


This mod is all about a quick and easy home that is more lore friendly then other mods.
There for you will see less storage space, yet have more then enough containers.
You will have your own garden, but nothing to fancy. You will have just the basics
pretty much and nothing more.

I did add Savagehart''s mod called "Kitchen Cabinet A Modders Resource With Food" (redone by Dragon02022003).
This to make the kitchen a little more looking like one without having all kinds of
containers that would have made no sense at all. Also this way you will have something to
look at when opening it's doors which would add a little to the over all idea.
The lighting outside is slightly changed as it has 2 additional barrels with fire in it.
This would make a great addition for people who use a mod like darker nights.
For the inside I kept some of the cloned cell plus added a few extra lights. Also you have
2 radio's that are turned on by default (which is why there is no video due to Youtube being
a pain for no good reason)

I changed 2 vanilla destroyed houses to brand new homes, although 1 can be used and the
other has a static door and can not be used. I did intend to work on that as well, there
is also a cell created for that house. But I stopped working on that part as it would
pretty much ruin the enitre idea of having your own small home in Primm without adding to much.
I did add a few items to the house, some clothing, food, a few weapons and some ammo.
Nothing too over powered as you don't need a key for the house. There are some items on display
but you are free to take them if you wish. 


1. Unpack the files

2. Copy the contents of the 'Files' folder and paste these in your Fallout New Vegas Data folder.
NO, there is no Nexus Mod Manager option.
(...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data)

3. Make sure you enable the ESP file within a mod manager, without it won't work.

4. Start up the game (best to do this with a mod manager as the vanilla launcher may not
accept mods properly)

5. Visit Primm and go to the location of this home. You will have a map marker to where you can
travel too.

(by using Primm's vanilla map marker you should walk towards the Courier station, take a right and
then walk towards the ramp, take the last right turn before the ramp itself and you should see it.
It should be the thirth house on your left.

NOTE: You may need "Archive Invalidation" working, the Nexus Mod Manager should do this for you.
If that fails, uncheck it and go back into the game. Safe your game and exit. Then have the feature
checked again, enter the game and it should be working. Should count for most mods you may have
issues with. If it still fails, please visit the chat where other member may be able to help you 
faster then I can.


1. Make sure you grab everything you stored from the containers into your inventory.
You WILL loose your items if you skip this step!

2. Make sure you safe your game OUTSIDE the home.
Don't and you may mess up your safe game as your location will no longer be available!

3. Exit the game and remove the files you installed of this mod:
- "000-PrimmHome.esp"
- In Mesh folder: dlc04shackcupboard01.nif
- In Texture folder, please go to the following folder: dlc04\architecture\backwoodshacks
Delete all 4 files in there
(dlc04shackint01.dds, dlc04shackint01_n.dds, dlc04shackint02.dds, dlc04shackint02_n.dds)

4. Start up the game again, once you load your game again it should mention that the mod is missing.
Just click ok to load further, you should have no more mod installed. Make sure you safe your game!


Please read this first before you start bugging me or others for questions.

Q: Will you make a Nexus Mod Manager installer for this mod?
A: No.

Q: Will you add more to this mod?
A: Nothing is planned.

Q: Why is it looking so vanilla?
A: Because it was planned to look vanilla.

Q: I can't seem to find the location, can you please tell me?
A: Read the installing topic again please.

Q: I can not seem to get it working, can you please help me?
A: Please follow the installation topic, if you still can't get it working. Please ask in chat.

Q: Are you working with/for Bethesda or Obsidian?
A: No, although I whould love to work on a new Fallout game (that isn't marked for death with bs
lootboxes, micro payments or other crap. Keep a game a game, not as money farm!)

Q: Will you be asking money for your mods?
A: No, I don't accept Bethesda to leech from my mods nor some xbox kiddie. My mods stay on the Nexus ONLY!

Q: May I redo your mod and re-upload it?
A: NO! Have some respect will you! (you are free to mod it all you wish for your own personal use,
I see no problem in that. Just don't upload it and specially don't claim it as your own work!)

Q: Will you be making a console version?
A: Well... guess... Did you even bother to read the rest? Haha ;)
(aside from that, so far I know there is not even a way to do that for this game)

Q: Will I be allowed to make a Youtube video about this?
A: Well, I am rather unhappy about the fact that Bethesda doesn't want mod makers to be payed for their hard
work. But anyone else can make as much as they like from what someone else created.
HOWEVER! Even with that I won't stop you, just don't forget to add a link in the description!


Kitchen Cabinet A Modders Resource With Food (By Savagehart, redone by Dragon02022003)