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This mod implements the Legendary NPCs and weapons feature from FO4 to New Vegas.

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A video demonstrating some of the Legendary weapon effects that came with update 2.0


Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road
Gun Runners Arsenal

JIP LN NVSE 52.60 or above
NVSE 5.1b4 or above
What does it do?

This modification implements the "Legendary" NPCs and Weapons feature from Fallout 4, along with the unique Legendary weapon effects. I personally liked that aspect and decided to port it to my favorite Fallout game, New Vegas.

This is a new version of this mod. I decided to upload a new file since this variant is far superior to the old one.
Details about Legendary NPCs and Weapons

Legendary NPCs

Legendary NPCs will have much better stats than their regular counterpart. Here are the stat increases:

Legendary NPCs' increased stats(relative to their default variant)

+25 DR, Agility and Endurance increased to 10, +1 Luck, +5% CritChance, Maximum Confidence(never flees) and the Bloody Mess Perk

Here are the chances for a normal NPC to be converted to a Legendary NPC, these chances depend on the current game difficulty.

Chances of conversion to Legendary NPC

Very Easy: 2%, Easy: 3%, Normal: 4%, Hard: 5%, Very Hard: 6%

The chance of Legendary conversion has a multiplier, xqLNWLegendaryChanceMult, which is 1 by default. You can change this variable by opening the console and typing "set xqLNWLegendaryChanceMult to X" where X is the new multiplier. Example: set xqLNWLegendaryChanceMult to 2 will double the chances of Legendary NPCs.

NPCs neutral or allied with the Player have a lower chance to be converted to Legendary.

There is a Legendary NPC cap on each cell. By default the cap is 3. You can modify it using the xqLNWMaxLegendaryCell variable, like in the example above.

Unique NPCs(eg. quest characters or named characters) have 0% chance to become Legendary. If you encounter a Legendary unique character, please report in the comments section.

I've also implemented the "mutation" feature from FO4. Yes, you heard that right, Legendary NPCs can mutate too. If they get damaged to less than half of their base health, they will mutate. Here is what happens to a mutated Legendary NPC:

Legendary NPCs' mutation consequences(stat increases still relative to their default variant)

NPC's health is restored to 100%, limbs are fully healed, skill increases: +40 Guns, +35 MeleeWeapons, +30
EnergyWeapons, +10 Explosives, a sound is played, cool particle effects coming from the NPC and a message is shown that the NPC has mutated

The only way to not have an NPC mutate is to kill them before they get damaged to half of their base health. Sneak attacks from afar with a high damage weapon is a good way to do that.

If that was not enough, all Legendary NPCs will be equipped with a Legendary Weapon. What are Legendary Weapons? They behave exactly like in FO4.

Legendary Weapons

Legendary weapons use the same model and stats of their unique variant. If a weapon doesn't have a unique counterpart, it's Legendary version uses the model of the vanilla variant with a very small buff to damage. 

In addition to this, Legendary weapons come with a Legendary effect attached to them. There are more than
50 Legendary weapon effects(57 to be exact). Most of them are inspired from FO4 but some are created by me. Here is the Legendary Weapon Effects table, click "Show" to see it:

The Legendary Weapons Effects Table
(A .pdf of this table is available in the files section)

Important notes regarding Legendary weapons:

At this moment, 81 vanilla weapons support having Legendary effects. All vanilla ranged weapons are included but many melee and unarmed are missing, here is the "Legendary weapons pool", along with their formID:

The FormIDs of weapons which support Legendary effects


As seen in the "Legendary Weapons Effects" table from above, NPCs can also benefit from an weapon's Legendary effect, with some exceptions of course, like the AP or VATS bonuses. For the others, blame the engine limitations.

Speaking of engine limitations, the only way to see the effect of a Legendary weapon is through your Pip-boy's screen. An "EFF" element has been added at the top center of the Pip-Boy's Weapon tab screen, which shows the current Legendary effect applied to a weapon as you hover your mouse over it. Pressing the "Activate" key while your mouse is over a Legendary weapon in the Pip-boy menu will show you the description of the effect. 

Weapons added by other mods are not supported. They won't have any Legendary effect attached to them. If you have some experience in modding and you wish to make your own modded weapons accept Legendary effects, follow this article.

When an NPC is converted to Legendary status, their currently equipped weapon is removed and replaced with a Legendary weapon.

The type of Legendary Weapon that is added to an NPC depends on the Player's level. If your level is low, you will see Legendary NPCs carrying Legendary Spiked Knuckles, 10mm Pistols, Varmint Rifles, etc. If you reach a level big enough, Legendary NPCs will come equipped with Legendary Plasma Casters, Fatmans, Grenade Launchers, etc.

If you feel like cheating and want to either change the Legendary effect of a weapon or spawn a Legendary weapon, you can do that. The following tricks only work on the weapons that can accept Legendary effects(see the list above):
  • If you want to change the Legendary effect of a weapon, drop it to the ground, open up the console and select it using your mouse. Then type the following: SetVariable "iLegendaryEffect" <Id>, where Id corresponds to the "Id" column of the effect(check the rightmost column of the Legendary effects table to see an effect's id). WARNING: The new effect must match the weapon's type, as seen in the effects table, else oddities may occur.
  • If you want to spawn a Legendary weapon, type the following console command: Player.PlaceAtMe <formID>, where formID can be seen in the left column of the list above. The first two digits of the formID are missing in the list above, because they consist of the load order's index of this mod.
Updating to a newer version
Depending on the update, there are 2 methods. ONLY USE THE METHOD THAT IS MENTIONED IN THE FILE'S DESCRIPTION !!!

Method 1
Follow these steps:

1. Go to a very small cell that does not contain any Legendary NPCs or weapons, such as Goodsprings Gas Station. Make sure you drop all the Legendary weapons outside;
2. Save the game and exit;
3. Install the new version;
4. Load the save and wait 3 days in that small cell.

Method 2
Just make sure you you don't have any Legendary weapon equipped. Also, your companions should have their Legendary weapons unnequiped as well. If you are 100% sure that you don't have any Legendary weapon equipped, save the game, exit and then install the new version.
Feedback, Suggestions and Future Updates

Have a suggestion? Post it in the comments section, but bear in mind that I have already pushed this old engine to its limits with the development of this mod. Therefore, I'm afraid that most of your potential suggestions will not be possible.

Things that I plan for the future:
  • Making all weapons(even modded ones) support Legendary effects, without having to do it manually
  • Legendary weapons XP and leveling: making your Legendary weapons more powerful as you wreck stuff with it
  • Legendary NPC variants
  • Adding Legendary Armors

Should be compatible with any mod. No vanilla entries have been edited in this mod.




miguick - general improvements and bug fixes