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A quest that involves lots of killing, and many adventures.

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Hello, KangarooJerky here,
Welcome, welcome to my mod.
Here you are welcome, enjoy.

Summarized Summary:    

Requirements -
Lonesome Road DLC
Fallout New Vegas
Guns that shoot a lot of bullets


"Preview"? Yes. Preview, and this mod includes lots of things to kill, mostly demons. You must be asking yourself.. "demons?!" I kid you not my friend. Demons. Demons for you to murder and destroy.
As always, this is a note quest mod. 
Well, honestly it isn't even a quest. It's just a "pick up the note and follow a path and kill everything" kind of quest. With Notes.
To start this.. quest.. 
Head on down to Doc Mitchel(l)'s backyard and look around.
Then kill the Father, and grab his note!
Stop this evil organization from taking over the Mojave!
This mod includes things. 
Things such as:
A sacrificial Knife
Many interiors!
Lots of demons!
Fast Demons!
and much more!

Another thing, 
You might want to bring some heavy weapons, not explosives, these interiors are all cluttered. Also, try to bring some of your important companions, and also some... recyclable followers. Just some friendly advice.
Remember to keep your eyes out for anything that doesnt look normal. 
Also, since I removed this mod from the nexus to do some "covert" stuff to it, I changed some things:
*Restored Cannibal Johnson.
*Deleted some unused and used content
*Added map markers
*Changed, removed, and added audio
*Removed the Freeside location
*Removed custom audio
*Copied CJ's cave and used it
*It not disrupt any other mods.

Other than that, I will be working on bigger and longer mods! Or maybe even small dinky ones! :)

(My computer is still outside, and so am i. I havent finished moving into my new room and Winter is here. Making mods, playing games and just using my computer in general is extremely hard. I really need to move it back inside :P)