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Updates EVE's ash piles to follow rules similar to the vanilla ones thanks to JIP. No more collision or looting issues, they will stay put. Also includes a fix for the And Know Disintegrations challenge, with an extra dose of The Empire Strikes Back.

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EVEĀ  - JIP Ash Pile Tweaks

JIP LN Plugin, version 52.70 onward

This file replaces EVE's new ash and goo puddles' implementation, from one that uses containers and scripts to move the deceased's contents to them, to a NVSE + JIP LN one that replicates the vanilla mechanics of the piles being activators.

The new piles are thus always connected in real-time to their corpse's contents and don't require additional scripting to update their own contents. Additionally, they are now clamped to the ground level when they are generated, and cannot be moved from there.
This of course can be an issue if you'd prefer to be able to move them, as such the EVE Moveable Piles module will do little when used together with this. However, it's worth noting that due to them getting clamped to the ground, it is also very likely that whatever has fallen under the piles will be able to rise over them, so the chance to lose anything underneath them should be quite low anyways.

That's not the only feature though!
The pile's own scripts has been changed to remain until a cell reset takes place, instead of disappearing right when you revisited them. Since the piles no longer collide with any other object, they should now be much less intrusive in the rooms where you carried out a disintegration rampage, and you can revisit their contents for the time it takes the cell to respawn.

A fix and expansion for the And Know Disintegrations challenge has been included as well! This was inspired and expanded from Asterra's own fix for it. The challenge no longer wrongly updates whenever you revisit a pile, but only when you actually disintegrate something.
A new global, EVEfixDisintTrack, controls whether your "Disintegrations" misc stat is forced to closely follow how many disintegrations you've performed in the game. To disable this, enter in the console 'set EVEfixDisintTrack to 0'.
Support for the Perks for Challenges mod is included, so if installed, you'll be sure to get the Laser Commander perk for completing it. Once you complete it, another recurring challenge is unlocked, that keeps giving you a little XP for every 100 disintegrations.

Download and unpack. For the regular Fallout NV version, there are three EVE - JIP Ash Piles - XXX.esp files, choose the one for the version of EVE you are using. There is also a file for the combined FNV and FO3 Tale of Two Wastelands version of EVE, made by Darian Stephens. Use one or the other, not both!
No files from EVE will be overwritten by this, just be sure the file you use loads after the main EVE.esp

Deactivate or remove EVE - JIP Ash Piles - XXX.esp. Do note that any ash piles that were generated while playing with it will disappear from your game.

weijiesen and jonnyeah for EVE of course!
Asterra for And Know Disintegrations challenge fix.
jazzisparis and LuthienAnarion for JIP LN.
Darian Stepehens for the TTW version.