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Adds a helmet to go along with the Armor of the 87th Tribe.

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This mod adds a helmet to go along with the Armor of the 87th Tribe named the Helmet of the 87th Tribe

The only thing required for this mod is the Lonesome Road DLC, which is already installed in the ultimate edition.

The helmet is just a slightly tweaked version of the Marked beast tribal helmet, the only changes are the name and that it's now heavy to match with the armor.

***S P O I L E R*** It will be worn by Gaius Magnus who can be found in Dry Wells. If you already killed him, decided not to nuke the Legion, or you just don't want to/can't kill him for some reason, you will have to spawn it in through the console, the helmet's ID is xx000BF8

*Additional Notes*
This mod edits the inventory of Gaius Magnus, so this may not be compatible with mods that change Gaius Magnus, if so, you'll just have to spawn it in.