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A new dungeon, full of new enemies to violently murder. It's fairly challenging, too.

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This mod adds a new dungeon, located at Samson Rock Crushing Plant. It's full of Cyber Nazis. Bring lots of AP rounds!

How to Start:
Go into the hatch at the rock crushing plant. That's it. Have fun!

It's pretty hard. You should probably bring some stimpaks. 

Old World Blues and Gun Runner's Arsenal. 


"Why did you make this?"
I was bored.

"Is this lore friendly?"
Not in the slightest.

"Can I bring my companions?"
Sure. knock yourself out.

"It's too hard!"
Oh well.

"It's too easy!"
Oh well.

"As a proud Nazi myself, my feelings are hurt by the premise of this mod! I demand you take this down and apologize!"
Feel free to write a butthurt article about how deeply this mod offended you. Controversy downloads are still downloads.

"Wait, haven't you been hyping up some big project ever since you released the North Road? What the hell is this?"
Yep, that's still upcoming. Pretty soon, probably. But, all that's left to do with it is voice-over, so the schedule is out of my hands. In the meantime, here's this mod.