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Adding Fallout 1/2 music into New Vegas without doing much replacing. Work in Progress.

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Vault Archives Re-Integrated

I absolutely adore the atmospheric ambient tracks of Fallout 1 and 2, and felt that some places in New Vegas could benefit from them. There are a few other mods out there that have the same idea, but I found that they replaced some of the good tracks by Inon Zur. Thus, I made this mod for myself. Why not share?

This mod doesn't replace anything that doesn't seem out of place *COUGHmetallicmonksCOUGH*. In the style of the classics, the tracks will keep playing in combat. Well, they should, since I've used Dungeon Sets. I've not done much testing, and I have no modding or programming experience. Shouldn't matter, this mod is just very simple record edits.

All of the music is already in the game files.

I'll make this page less of a mess later. 

Main changes:
More Desert Wind for generic rural/creepy playlists, some Industrial Junk too
Khan music in Khan places
Removed most instances of Metallic Monks, a few of Second Chance
Added Moribund World and Beyond The Canyon for generic mystical playlist
New Reno theme and Industrial Junk for Freeside and North Vegas (now that I think about it, I'm not sure Freeside actually uses its own location set fully)
All Clear Signal, and Many Contrasts added to the strip (will probably add Vault of the Future)
Dream Town for Novac and Doc Mitchell's house
Vault of the Future, Metallic Monks, and Many Contrasts added to the Lucky 38 player home

You can see all the changes in the changelog or open the mod in FNV Edit.

Add A Trader's Life to Crimson Caravan Company.
Figure out what to use for NCR Correctional Facility
DLC support (they mainly use generic playlists, so the mod already affects them)
More Desert Wind for Dead Money, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road
More 'Beyond the Canyon' for Honest Hearts, maybe some 'Second Chance,' 'Moribund World,' and 'Khans of New California'
Add something for Camp Golf
Figure out what to use for Bitter Springs
Figure out something for Legion territory/ City of Lost Angels
Figure out how to edit audio markers without overriding cells/being overwritten by cell changing mods
Find more use for all 3 world map themes
Crop 'California Revisited' for more versatility
More subtlety for the Ultra Luxe
More creepy Gomorrah
Intro/Outro sounds for battle?
Vault 3
Vault 11
Helios One Power Plant
RepConn Test Site

Open to feedback and suggestions. Just keep it civil, please :3