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This mod GREATLY improves the usefulness of the Unarmed and Melee Weapons skills by adding a number of new abilities and moves.

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Diving Attack [Level 2, Unarmed 50 AND Strength 5]
While falling great distances, your attacks have a chance to kill or knock out an enemy in one hit. You must be completely unarmed.

Power Parry [Level 4, Melee Weapons 50 AND Strength 6]
To parry, hold the block button while an enemy attacks you. The enemy directly under your crosshairs will fall over. In addition, your damage threshold will be extremely high while blocking.

Duck And Weave [Level 8, Unarmed 65 AND Agility 7]
You've learned to expertly dodge attacks. Crouching will make you invincible, but only for a brief moment. Crouch repeatedly to duck and weave!

Berserker [Level 12, Melee Weapons 85]
For every human being you kill with a melee or unarmed weapon, you gain an extra 50 XP - with your fists, you gain an extra 200 XP - with a throwing knife, throwing hatchet, or throwing spear, you gain an extra 1000 XP.

Ferocious Fighter [Level 18, Unarmed 95 OR Agility 9]
If you successfully strike an enemy with a melee or unarmed attack, there is a possibility you will enter turbo mode!

Warrior [Level 26, Melee Weapons 100 AND Strength 8]
While wearing armor inspired by legendary ancient societies (Caesar's Legion, the Great Khans, or the Brotherhood of Steel) your melee weapons will kill enemies in one hit.

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