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KangarooJerky here, welcoming you another small mod, Station Delta.
Slaughter as many people and robots as possible.

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KangarooJerky here, welcome people. 
This here is Station Delta, which is inhabited by a resurrected and living force of heavy fighters. This small installation is based entirely upon taking over the world. I instantly threw this mod together after my previous one, it was just another idea I had in mind.
Yourself, and Fallout New Vegas and Old World Blues. (Sorry)

I mean, there isn't really much else about this, other than it took my like 3 days to make, sorry, I have school!
I will immediately start on another project in a day or two.

Oh, of course, the simple problems:
Interesting Rivet City sound inside of main interior??? I didn't put it there.

The locaiton is up above in the pictures or just North of Camp Searchlight, and there are a few different tactics you could use here. Sneaky sneaky, or guns a' blazin'. 
I reccomend a weapon that can hold a lot of ammunition. Not explosives, because.. well, it's up to you honestly. 
Enjoy the references as well!