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An offshore player home in the form of a pre war oil rig. It has storage facilities, adds three new weapons and one outfit, a power armor training pod, an elaborated alcoholic menu, And much more! (Requires Lonesome Road.)

Permissions and credits
Requires Lonesome Road

Aegis Oil - Oil Rig


The oil rig is fully navmeshed player home, with all the necessary features a Fallout: New Vegas player home could need. It has a power armor training pod, a snowglobe display system (see images), multiple beds with the well rest bonus. All the crafting station have been added; the reloading bench, the workbench and a functioning oven for your cooking needs. Which has also been expanded. You can now craft a yao gaui meat pie, a juniper meat pie, as well as a wide range of drinks: Gin, Tonic, Tonic & Gin, Martini & Vermouth. There are 6 moderately sized bedrooms for your followers or potential children to rest. All mirrors have an integrated barber system, should you want a different haircut. If you want a different appearance you can utilize the Lasergrafter in the operation room, in which also the Auto-Doc, a Chemistry Set and the First Aid Kit reside.

A robot designed to repair your equipment is located in a small room in the lower levels. All pickable plants as well as a few others are placed in planters or you to pick both in the basement as on the roof. Two brahmin located in a pen on top of the loading bay doors can also be found grazing. On the desk in the office lays a vertibird communicator. Use this when you are out in the wastes and you'll be picked up by an automated vertibird. You'll be dropped off on the oil rig's landing platform. Activate the veribird and you'll be dropped off on the same exact point you were picked up. But Before you can get all this, you'll have to do a quest first. Go north of North Vegas Square, where an old man inside a ranch will give you his quest. The quest will last about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the player. Three new weapons are added: a venomous deathlaw gauntlet, a shocking hunting rifle, and a shoulder mounted gatling laser. A new unique outfit has also been added. Both for men and women.



You can start by going north from freeside's north gate until you reach a small ranch underneath the power lines. Here lives an old infirm man with a quest for you. If you finish the quest you'll find the rig eventually.


Different Versions

There are two different versions of the mod: the Director's Cut and the Abridged. Much like a movie, the director's cut contains all the content as the creator originally visioned it. It may have a little downside: the framerate can be quite low in some areas on some computers. That's why the abridged version was created. It has a better framerate on lower end computers, but at a price. Maybe insignificant to some, there is less clutter and has a load door inside the rig and dungeon. All unique items such as armours and weapons are uneffected and remain the same.

All the images provided are of the Director's Cut. Just imagine the pictures with fewer books, bottles and other miscellaneous items and you've got the abridged version.



To install the game you can either use the mod manager, or do it manually. To manually install it, you'll have to open the zip/rar and place its content in the data folder of your Fallout New Vegas game. make sure the "meshes" folder goes with the other meshes, idem ditto for the folders "textures" and "sound". Once that is complete, start the Fallout: New Vegas launcher, and tick the box in the option "Data Files". Start the game as usual.

To uninstall this game, again the two options are the Mod Manager or manually. To manually uninstall, make a save somewhere outside of the mod's content (interior of oil rig, exterior of oil rig, the ranch, the cellar, the sewer and the apartment). Quit the game, and untick the box. Remove the .ESP and remove the folders inside "Meshes", "Textures", and "Sound" containing the folder "OilRigHome".

Known Bugs

I accidentally messed the Mt. Charleston snow globe up. If you’ve got a mesh replacer for the snow globes it may stay vanilla. Textures change with overhauls. If you don’t have any mesh overhauls for snowglobes you should be fine. Not that big of a problem, but still noticeable. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you're inside the sewer, and reload and older save from before you was in the sewer and go back in the sewer, most creatures and npc will spawn in unusual places. You can reload a save if that save is inside the sewer. It's not that big of a deal, everything is still there, but in a different place. I do not know how to fix this (or I already would have) so I guess it's just part of the wonderful Bethesda experience.



Thanks to xDimebagx on Freesound.org for the seagull sound.
Tools used for making this mod: Geck, Nifskope, MS Paint & Windows 10 Photo Viewer (I know it's primitive, but it works, okay?)


If you have any suggestions, complaints, bug reports, political hate speech, be sure to let me know in the comments!
Thanks for downloading and playing this mod!