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Decorates Goodsprings for Halloween.

Permissions and credits
REQUIRES Dead money, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road!

Halloween isn't dead in the wasteland! For those safe enough to celebrate, that is.

This mod adds Halloween decorations to Goodsprings. Including skeletons(Pretend they're plastic!), scenes, Xmas lights (Use what you got!), and colorful pumpkin buckets! Feel free to snatch some pumpkins, and see if you could find the hidden one! It isn't too exciting though.
I would've added more across the Mojave if I wasn't so damn lazy, but next year I'll try to add at least one new location. Hopefully you enjoy!

I'm also thinking about adding smaller Halloween stuff in abandoned places across the wasteland since the bombs dropped so close to Halloween.

Please leave a suggestion of what you'd like to see, I just might add it!

Anyone is free to add onto, patch, translate, or use this mod as they please. Just remember to credit me and all the resource creators! and please pm me so I can check it out it, and I maybe link it here!

You could use the Halloween bucket textures if you want, but SirSquidly is planning to upload a resource pack soon. I don't know when that would be though.

Optional files -
N/A yet...

Conflicts/possible conflicts:
[CLIPPING] Probably with some Goodsprings clutter mods.
Please let me know of any issues and I will try and note/fix it in the description!

Jokerine for her clutter and object resources!
MadMogo for his Halloween resources!
SirSquidly for the textures!
Alchestbreach for his pictures!
Obsidian for New Vegas!
Bethesda for continuing Fallout!

-Jokerine for the posed skeletons.
-MadMongo for the posters.
-Alchestbreach for some of his spooky scary Halloween pictures.
-SirSquidly for the pumpkin textures.
(Link soon?)

Nothing for now!

Possible future additions:
More locations. Maybe next Halloween?