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HD retexture of dust storms. Non-ENB version available.

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11/10/2017 UPDATE:

A new ENB (0.322) has been released that allows users to tweak the brightness of dust storms. Thus, the night glow bug has been resolved and this mod is now just an HD retexture. If you are using ENB v0.322+, I suggest you get the non-ENB version and tweak brightness in-game.

For users of older ENB, download the ENB version. Dust storms should no longer be as bright at night, but as a compromise they are no longer quite as visible during the day. You can still see them in daylight, but it's more subtle, namely around noon.

HD retexture of the dust storm effect. The diffuse and alpha channel have been tweaked with ENB shaders in mind.

The texture is made to look like it's hugging and flowing over the terrain, as opposed to the billowing smoke-like formation of the original.

  • The old vanilla texture is 256.
  • This retexture is available in 1024 and 2048.
  • Available are non-ENB versions; the texture values are closer to vanilla (brighter) and thus maintain normal visibility during the day.

It's one .dds texture. Choose one version, and overwrite or override using your preferred installation method.

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