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A retexture for the long neglected Brahmin Steak. (Also replaces the Bighorner Steak)

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Have you ever been looting a house, having a grand ole time, when suddenly a gross low res Brahmin or Bighorner steak catches your eye? Maybe not if you aren't swimming in a sea of amazing retexture mods that improve almost every texture in the game. But if you are one of those people like myself that stuff really stands out. 


Behold the Brahmin Steak Retexture! Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, this mod replaces that nasty low resolution texture with a much better, high res one. Now you can loot away, without fear of a stray texture ripping you out of your precious immersion and making you say, "Hmmm, that's mildly annoying." 

All joking aside, I was surprised nobody (that i've seen at least) had done a retexture for these before, so I decided i'd slap something together and see what came of it. Turned out a lot better than I expected. So now I share it with you guys. Also available in a cooked version.

 Install Instructions:
Unzip and throw into your data folder, simple as that. 

Or, if you're a super cool, radical, "wears sunglasses regardless of time of day" type of guy (or girl), than you can just download with manager and that'll probably be easier. 

Also, if you load the mod and don't see a difference, toggling Archiveinvalidation is a really cool thing you should try.


It would probably help to have Fallout New Vegas installed or else the mod won't work. But you're your own person so who am I to tell you what you should and should not have installed right? Power to the people and all that jazz.

AgeofEvolution (Me): I made the texture


If anybody wants to use this retexture in any mods they would like to release, you can do so without permission or credit given. So consider it a kind of modder's resource as well I guess.