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Customization options to the accumulation limits of radiation and of the different hardcore needs on the player. Mostly useful if you've changed their fatal thresholds so as not to kill you.

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Needs and Rads Capper

A kinda secondary feature of one of my now obsolete mods has been salvaged here. As verbatim from it, "If you are using a mod that changes any of the fatal threshold effects from the hardcore needs to not kill you, you may have noticed that the needs don't have an upper threshold. The pipboy has marks up to 1000 points, but they can keep going upwards." The same is true for accumulated radiation, and this mod now can handle each of those stats separately.

Each stat is now limited by the value set in a different global, which you can customize manually in the console or, if you have NVSE, in an included config file. The latter option is much more comfortable but is only read at the start of the game. I don't view it as too necessary to fiddle with them to include MCM support, but if you must know the globals' names for in-game customization, they are:
  • migNeedsMaxRAD
  • migNeedsMaxFOD
  • migNeedsMaxH2O
  • migNeedsMaxSLP
Hopefully self-descriptive enough, so to mess with them enter in the console 'set migNeedsMax(...) to x'. Their default value is -1, which caps them at 1000. Anything over that, and the corresponding stat gets capped at that value, so (in most circumstances) it won't be able to grow past it. So you can (sorta) disable individual hardcore needs, or cap them to your liking, go crazy!

Since version 2.0, the functionality of the Needs while sleeping tweak and RAD - Radiation (is) Actually Dangerous mods are incorporated:
The global fNeedsWhileSleepingMult controls how fast do hardcore needs progress while sleeping, relative to normal progression. By default this is 0.5, for 50% speed. Plus, the leftover sleep deprivation that you got no mattered for how long you slept is also corrected, for all timescale settings.
The RAD mod makes it so your accumulated radiation caps your maximum health, by damaging it to remain under a percentage determined by the global fRadiationToDamageMult. With a default of 0.1, every 10 rads on you lowers your maximum health by 1%, so you will die when hitting the 1000 rads mark as in vanilla but your maximum health will make it almost impossible to survive combat when you get near enough that mark. You can set this global to 0 to disable it.

The stats will behave as usual once you uninstall, no worries.

Credit goes to Huerta for Needs while sleeping tweak, and Draren Thiralas for the RAD mod.