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Adds a configurable hotkey for automatically using Stimpaks, Super Stimpaks, and Auto-Inject Stimpaks (optional). Includes support for JSawyer and JSawyer - Ultimate Edition Stimpaks.

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Stimpak hotkey adds a new key (default Q) that administers a Stimpak when pressed. The key is configurable in a configuration file.

Stimpaks are consumed from worst to best, as in the following order:
  • Expired Stimpak (if using JSawyer)
  • Homemade Stimpak (if using JSawyer)
  • Stimpak
  • Super Stimpak
  • Auto-Inject Stimpak (if using Lonesome Road) (if enabled)
  • Auto-Inject Super Stimpak (if using Lonesome Road) (if enabled)


  • Use any type of Stimpak without individually hotkeying each one
  • No need to reset the hotkey each time the player runs out of Stimpaks
  • Messages display how many Stimpaks the player has left each time one is used
  • Optional usage of Auto-Inject Stimpaks

Requirements & Compatibility

Recommended Mods

  • If you want a reason to use Stimpaks, use BLEED

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