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Add's a Plasma Minigun. to the Mojave and Capital Wasteland.
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                                  About the Mod.

This mod is Heavily inspired by Quicksilver500's Fallout 4 Style Gatling laser. mod which can be found here on        nexus. and here's a link for that mod of his. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/62718/?.

Any Way about this mod. like i said it is Heavily Inspired by that mod. and since no one has yet  made a plasma gatling gun. or maybe someone already has and i just missed it. so i decided to make my own using only the vanilla asset's in the game. 

                                  The Weapons and Location's

Mojave Edition:

the  Weapon can only be found inside the lucky 38 casino, inside one of the room's on the ground floor.
cant miss it.


The Weapon Can be Found, inside the Citadel Ring-B. it's inside the room where you wake up after you Finished
the Game. 

                                         Modification for the Weapon's

Both Version's Of the Weapon's Can Only Be modified using a Workbench. and Require's you to have at least 75 on energy skill or higher. The Default Version of the P.D.M.G. has a damage of 40 and dps of 200.
but with the Beam Modification the Damage is Reduced to 20, while the DPS is increased by 400.