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This mod adds NCRCF guards to occupy the prison some convicts to occupy cell block b, if you complete the I fought the law quest for the NCR and kill Eddie.

Permissions and credits
What the mod does:

Adds 15 NPC's to the NCRCF prison.
  • 1 exterior door guard who should sandbox as Dawes did.
  • 6 snipers manning one tower each 3 of which should have patrol packages.
  • 2 guards inside the visitor center.
  • 5 guards inside the administration office.
  • 1 warden who should sit in the chair Eddie did.

As of version 1.5 in addition adds 6 convicts to cell block b and 2 guards.
  • The convicts are faction less and have sandbox packages.
  • The guards set to sandbox near the cell door which should now be locked (Hard).

All npc's should sandbox to some degree.
All guards are wearing NCRCF guard armor and NCR Ranger Helmets (I didn't want to set all of them up with unique faces plus where else other than a prison for them wear riot helmets.) Faces and races have been made slightly more varied.
Dead Money DLC version changes riot helmets to Sierra Madre helmets (only use one of the two files obviously.)
Guards are equipped with either a hunting shotgun, 9mm pistol, or sniper rifle from the default with ammo leveled list, the warden has a 44.
Fixes the 3 holes the NCR blows in the fence when they storm the prison.
All npc's are set to respawn if they die for some reason. Except the convicts in cell block b.
All npc's are set to be faction friendly to the NCR. The convicts in cell block b are faction less.

Things of note:

This mod modifies the VMS02 quest "I fought the law" as such it needs to be lower than any other mod which does so. This includes a fix to stop that bloody siren after you kill Eddie too.


I have no idea how to script the npc's and the wall enable after 3 days when the NCR leave. As such once you side with the NCR and kill Eddie the npc's and the wall will immediately appear/be fixed. So if you have a issue with it's immersion there is that. (Also if you sneak in and don't save Eddie for last... surprise battle.) None of the npc's have voiced dialogue. The Warden does have some dialogue, bit more if you have wild wasteland perk. They all probably have the same voice type. I'm not familiar with them enough to change them and it's minor to me. They have more varied voices now.

Lore friendly? Depends on your take on the fallout of the quest. Added new dialogue to flesh out reoccupation lore.

I have no idea the affect on adding this to your game if you have already completed I fought the law for the NCR. It likely won't do anything but if it causes an issue I offer no support other than only enable this on a game where you haven't completed that quest for the NCR yet. Updates should be fine since I haven't touch the quest results again. If switching to Dead Money version may have to wait for NPC inventory to respawn. You may be able to use the reset quest console command to reset this quest for update 1.5. However I don't support it.

Future Plans:

None. I am considering this mod finished now as of 10/15/17 bar any bugs.
None. I am considering this mod finished now as of 10/15/17 bar any bugs... probably.

If you would like to use this mod as a base to expand upon it any way feel free to do so without need to contact me.


Base game, shouldn't conflict with anything unless it modifies the VMS02 quest.
Dead Money DLC for the Sierra Madre Edition for the Sierra Madre helmets (again only use one esp).
Change Log:

  • V1.1 - Fix for Wild Wasteland dialogue appearing with out trait hopefully.
  • V1.2 - Added more varied voices to the guards and warden.
  • V1.3 - Added few more lines to the warden to flesh out them reoccupying the facility.
  • V1.3b - Changed guards to wear Sierra Madre helmet *Dead Money DLC required*.
  • V1.4 & 1.4b "Sierra Madre Edition" - Faces of guards made more vaired with some race changes. Mainly for those using a clear visor texture replacer for the Sierra Madre helmets however I decided to update both files.
  • V1.4.1 Fixed some null references that was only in the main version before someone ask.
  • V1.5 & 1.5b add convicts to cell block b along with two guards.