Power Armor Limb and Damage Independence by Dubius
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This makes power armor more capable, in a dynamic way.  I'll try to give as good of an explanation as possible, it's a lot, but here's what it does.

- Armored Limb condition
- all of your limbs, including chest are protected while wearing power armor.  the values are monitored and will return to normal after taking off your armor.

Variants of power armor have their own perk (object effects are really only used for npc's (this is the part of this mod i need to work on a little tbh, i'll get to it later :P ), they're all basically similar with varying degrees of potency.  All the basic lore friendly goodies...
- carry weight bonus 125 - 185 (this is high because i jacked up the weight of the armors for realism...)
- strength bonus 1 - 4 (all these values range from stealth t-45d at the lowest to advanced power armor at the highest (remnant)) 
- increased dt independent of item condition from +5 to +13 ( tried not to be too op)
- increased health 50 - 100 (conditional on your chest condition (which does get crippled still))
- restore health 20 - 30 per sec (conditional on having over 100% total base health
- ignore crippled limbs if your chest piece hasn't been punctured, so you wont be staggered at all until you start feeling it

- health bonus if you have over 15% head condition
- your head condition restores if you have over 15% head condition (another dps barrier)
- water breathing, if you are wearing the corresponding armor
- radiation resistance 40 - 85 if you're wearing the corresponding armor
- t-45 d helmets require you to be wearing interface headgear (recon helmets) before equipping to properly interface
- if your head gets crippled it'll hurt you for 50 hp and restore your head condition to 15% (no more dps barrier, not far off from another 50 hp headshot)
- composite headgear and Circle of steel headgear give higher dt bonuses

- Armored limb Condition is now independent from unarmored... i used a point tally to quantify servo damage, every time a limb is damaged it doesn't cripple, but rather counts towards overall servo damage, after getting shot up enough you'll get negative perks, mostly action point, strength penalties and carry weight.
- Chest Condition - represents your armor plating, health bonuses and regen depend on having over 0 chest health.
- damaged servo's: -1 agility, -1 strength
- badly damaged servo's: -2 agility, -2 strength
- short circuiting servo's: -75 carry weight, -3 strength, -3 agil, randomly shorting (brief cripple) of arms and legs, random 3 sec paralysis
- short circuiting servos will eventually shut down
- critical shutdown: -150 carry weight, -4 strength, -4 agility, and all limbs become crippled (while wearing PA)
- my goal here was to force you out of badly damaged armor
- this is all done with scripts and perks so no conflicts.  All vanilla power armors are included, including some unique ones i made (i'll elaborate...) 
- i will be including a Project nevada equipment version, t-57c and vault tek PA, medic pa is already included in the scripts.

Armor repair... Repair can replace your medicine skill while wearing power armor.
- servo repair and chest plate repair are two separate things
- servo's can be repaired at a workbench.  This Removes all negative perks associated with accumulated limb damage and resets the point tally from 0
- a servo repair kit does the same, you can reuse this at higher repair levels, dependent on how badly damaged your servos are.  keep up on repairs.
- a plate repair kit this restores your chest condition to 100%, and can be reused at higher levels.  keep up on repairs.
- helmet repair kits can be crafted with repair skill 50, scissors, tweezers, a sensor module and wonder glue.  scissors and tweezers will be returned.
- vendors will sell all of these, but probably not enough to keep up with wear and tear.
- you still need to keep up on item condition

- Unique Armors
- the t-45d armor is quite versatile, you can pull out the interface armor (recon armor, renamed) and swap in different types, (Composite, or COS) mostly this just gives dt bonuses
- you can make stealth armor with a deinterfaced t-45d and a chinese stealth suit
- stealth power armor has the weakest strength and carry weight bonuses, and you can't wear a power helmet, but when you crouch you get a stealth field with no time limit.
- you can make hardened t-51b power armor and helmet with the right ingredients and a high enough science skill ( +10 dt )

Doctor Bags...
- i know this one seems a little out of place, but I added some scripted effects to doctor bags because I didn't want you using your medicine skill to repair your servo motors...
- 35hp of damage unless you used some morphine or psycho
- the amount of limb condition they heal is dependent on your medicine skill
- restore 50hp over 50 seconds if you have over 50 medicine skill
- restore an additional 100 hp over 50 seconds if you have 100 medicine skill
- you can't use a doctor bag during combat or if you're wearing power armor or a power armor helmet
- at higher medicine skill you can reuse your doctor bag.  dependent on how many limbs are crippled.

Updated to Version 1.2
New Changes

Split all armor changes into a separate esp called Paladin - Armor Tweaks for more compatibility (these changes basically just double the value and weight so it's more realistic and roughly the same as fallout 1 and 2)
- All effects now apply to npc's, except scripted ones and servo damage progression
- changed a few perk descriptions, fixed some typos, stealth helmet will be added silently now.  a few bugs fixed.
- EMP blasts now cripple your legs (and npc's) for 12 seconds Load After EVE Fnv - All DLC
- system shutdown now cripples all of your limbs, on top of negating all of your strength and carry weight bonuses (only while in your PA)
- no more AP loss with negative perks, changed to agility penalties.
- Project nevada visor overlay added to hardened t-51b helmet

future changes

- I may refine the repair feature a little bit, maybe have an npc that can fully repair armor for a price or something, probably old lady gibson.
bug fixes and such, let me know if you find any. i've tested this thing pretty hard but if you can break it let me know.

- I want to explore different ways of implementing.  i'm thinking an armor script, but you "calibrate" your pa at a workbench so you get a new variant of any armor with the scripted effects (this way no armor entry changes, and therefore no conflicts)

- i did alter the power armor, and power armor object effects entries, so anything that alters these will conflict, but the scripted stuff is compatible with everything.  Worst case scenario is an armor would just not be covered and would behave like normal.
- i plan to make a project nevada compatibility patch to include the t-57c and vault tek power armor in the scripts.
- i'll put up a version that has T6M female armor compatibility  
- if you use unique models for your t-45d armors, then the unique variants will just revert back to vanilla 
- the same goes for the hardened t-51b armor.  retextures will show up, new models will not.

-it's just an .esp so you know the drill.