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This mod adds some generic ammo components, Brass and Primers, Generic to allow conversion from once case/primer to another.
For example, you can turn 9mm cases into Brass, and Brass into 12.7mm cases.
Now with CaliberX patch support!

Permissions and credits
NEW!: Version 1.2 Just released! All recipes produce more wastage, Explosives skill required to make Primers, and Plastic added so you can make Shotgun Shells!

There is a Caliber X compatibility patch; see bottom for details!

Tired of having useless cases in ammo types you'd never use? Like the idea of the Reloading Bench, but never use it because it's just way too finicky?

Then this mod is for you!

This mod adds Brass, Plastic and Primer, Generic to the game. They can be made from melting down cases or breaking up primers, and can then be used to make any case or primer you desire!

Brass Design Philosophy

The breakdown and creation numbers for brass are the same as for the lead creation/cost of the same type of ammo). For example, breaking down a 10mm round produces 15 lead, and so breaking down a 10mm case produces 15 14 brass. Making a 10mm round requires 17 lead, so making a 10mm case requires 17 18 brass. This is to make sure there is some even more waste from the process, while also making ammo that "does more damage" cost more, even if it sacrifices some realism.

Brass and Case recipes are performed at the campfire (you need heat to melt down and forge cases). Melting is essentially the same regardless of the type of case, so a repair skill of 25 is used for all melting (Brass creation). Case creation requires varying levels of repair, with larger cases and rifles requiring more.

NOTE: .45Auto has the same lead for breakdown and creation (16). This mod doesn't change the lead amount, but does use slightly different brass numbers to produce waste (14 and 18).

Primers Design Philosophy

Much more loosely based on lead. Generally, bigger calibers require more primer.

All Primer recipes are performed at the Reloading Bench.

The larger Primers require the Handloader Perk.

Items added:

Brass (world model: 9mm casings)
Primer, Generic (world model: scrap metal, which kind of sucks, but is the world model of every base-game primer)
Plastic (world model: Centaur Blood, because it just looks like a cylindrical lump of plastic)

Recipes Added:
All recipe types are grouped by using the same first word ("Brass from xxx," "Case, xxx," "Primer from xxx," and "Primer, xxx"\

Brass and Cases
5mm casing to Brass
5.56mm casing to Brass
9mm casing to Brass
10mm casing to Brass
12.7mm casing to Brass
.357 casing to Brass
.44 casing to Brass
.45-70 casing to Brass
.50MG casing to Brass
.45 Auto casing to brass
The reverse (Brass to Case, xxx) exists for each recipe listed above.

20Gauge Shotgun to Brass
12 Gauge Shotgun to Brass
These have no reverse, and provide brass equal to only 1/2 of the lead.
NEW! These now have a reverse, with plastic as both input and output!

Plastic Recipes
Plastic from Toy Car*
Plastic from Surgical Tubing
Plastic from Triangle (the pool table accessory)
Plastic from Dog Bowl

*: Also produces brass

Shotshell Primer to Primer, Generic*
Small Pistol Primer to Primer, Generic
Small Rifle Primer to Primer, Generic
Large Pistol Primer to Primer, Generic**
Large Rifle Primer to Primer, Generic**
.50MG Primer to Primer, Generic**
The reverse (Primer, Generic to Primer, xxx) exists for each listed above

*: Like brass, these had to use 1/2 the lead for balance reasons.
**: These recipes, and the reverse versions, require the Handloader perk.

Gunpowder, Pistol to Gunpowder, Rifle (20 to 9)
Gunpowder, Rifle, to Gunpowder, Pistol (10 to 18)
Gunpowder, Pistol, 200 (requires Fire Ant nectar and 2x Abraxo Cleaner)


Added a patch file for Caliber X 4.017! This patch is actually bigger than the initial file itself, rofl

This includes:

Brass recipes for each case added by CaliberX!

A case-making recipe is added for every case with an associated Reloading Workbench recipe. Caliber X has some ammo-types that have no Reloading Bench recipe, and I didn't want people to make cases that were useless except for re-melting.

The masters for this patch are CaliberX 4.017, and GenericAmmoComponents.