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This mod aims to change Novac, specifically the motel, to try and make Novac feel more like a small settlement, rather then a motel stuck in the slums.

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This mod is my first attempt at modding, as throughout my many playthroughs on New Vegas I thought that there was just too much junk laying around, locations and towns were just too bland, or that places like Novac seemed in an almost slum like state, despite not being anything close to the slums of Freeside. I am of course willing to listen to feedback and criticism, though I am unsure if I will update this mod (and possibly mod series) regularly as I am relatively new to modding, and have other things in life to focus on at the moment.

- Dead Money DLC (For now, eventually plan to add more assets from other DLC's to the player home later)

Wasteland Touch-ups is an idea I came up with to try and add some more substance to the world of New Vegas without breaking lore, but also trying to adjust the amount of trash and filth in certain areas and locations such as Novac. This mod in it's current state has a redone player home and lobby for the Dino-Bite Motel, aiming to give the motel (both the interiors and exterior) a slightly cleaner look, as well as expand onto the motel a little more with some of the boarded up rooms. abandoned rooms will still maintain a state of disrepair, but the rest of the rooms will be in varying states depending on the person living inside. Future updates will expand on the motel by having rooms connected to each other by a door shared between two rooms, and hopefully as I improve in modding I will be able to add sorting capabilities to the storage areas in the player home.

Known errors or bugs:
The only known bug to me currently is that Jeannie May will be stuck in the new counter of the lobby when you first visit the Dino-Bite lobby. I don't know how to prevent her from spawning in it yet, but using the wait function of the game will fix this (She should start wandering around the lobby like usual after waiting). If anyone knows how to prevent this it would be greatly appreciated.