Wolfhorn Ranch Overhaul - (Mostly) Lore Friendly by McFearo
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Added: 30/09/2017 - 03:39AM
Updated: 06/10/2017 - 03:06AM

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V1.2 with Sortomatic is now up. Scroll down for instructions on updating or newly installing the new verion.


Just what it says on the tin. The mod makes Wolfhorn Ranch a functional player home, without betraying its remote location and previous occupant's #Aesthetic with structural overhauls or unlikely bells and whistles. I've added:

  • More safe storage (Sortomatic enabled in V1.2)
  • More lighting
  • Static clutter
  • Ulysses' Book Collection
  • Farm animals
  • Dogs! (v. important)
  • Completed fence
  • Safe water source (water pump now produces purified water)
  • More pickable plants
  • Crafting benches
  • Working stove

On a personal note, there are several items throughout that are intended as nods towards several particular Couriers I'm pretty fond of -- three of these are lootable items with interesting properties. (Reusing base game and GRA assets, unfortunately -- diving into modding my own textures may have to wait for a future update.) 

If anyone is using the mod with the Ulysses companion mod, please let me know how it works when you send him to Wolfhorn -- I've added several sandbox markers to the location, but haven't tested it.

n order to get the most out of this mod, you need these 5 DLCs installed
  • Lonesome Road
  • Honest Hearts
  • Old World Blues
  • Dead Money
  • Gun Runners Arsenal
The mod includes static objects that reference meshes and textures from all of the above and may not take too kindly to not having anything to reference. 

It's a simple .esp plugin
Just download to your preferred mod manager and activate.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that overhauls Wolfhorn Ranch and the surrounding area at Wolfhorn point. (Shouldn't cause your game to crash, but the changes will overlap.)


V1.2 Installation:
As of the addition of Sortomatic, Sortomatic and NVSE are now required to operate V1.2

(Question: Where's 1.1? Answer: Listen, kid, I did a lot of drugs in my early 20s and now I can't numbers. Deal with it.)

If you are upgrading from the original version of this mod
  2. Save your game (protip: if you are overencumbered, park it on the couch; the new Sortomatic IQM and MSC are located near there)
  3. Exit and uninstall the old version of this mod
  4. Install and activate the new version.

Because virtually all containers have been edited or replaced, any items left in them may be lost.

Upon loading up your game you will find a ham radio sitting atop the Military Shipping Crate beside the couch. Activate it to access your Inventory Quota Manager, and receive an instruction manual on using Sortomatic in your inventory under Data.

The ham radio is now your IQM (Inventory Quota Manager) for configuring your sorting system.
The military shipping crate beneath it is the MSC (Master Sorting Container) in which you can drop off and retrieve items to be sorted.
The military shipping crate at the foot of the bed is your HI (Homeless Items) container. Any items with no destination configured will appear here.

All containers prefixed [S] are now sortomatic enabled. Activate while crouched to assign them as DDs (Default Destinations) for broad categories of items and equipment.
In the interests of letting you configure to your preference I have not made any effort to influence what equipment you place where, though all containers have been placed with types of equipment in mind. Review the instruction manual provided by activating the IQM to learn how the system works.

TL;DR highlights:
  • To assign a container as the DD for an overall category of gear, interact with it while crouched and use the menu provided to assign DDs. Multiple DDs an be assigned to one container (heavy armor + power armor, for example, or guns + ballistic ammo)
  • Alternatively, place individual items in the container you want to keep them in. The system will remember that that item goes there, and will sort all future units of the same item to that container.
  • By default, crafting materials are sorted into the crafting station that uses them. Crouch and interact with crafting stations to open them as containers and look for your stuff, manually place it in the container you want to teach the system that that item goes there.
  • Crafting stations can also be configured at that time to search all sortomatic containers for your materials when you open crafting menus.

Credits: Sortomatic Modders Resource is the work of Tunafish and Gribbleshnibbits8. Thanks for the resources!