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Replicates Fallout 3's aiming without any compatibility issues or side-effects.

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True Fallout 3 Aiming

New Vegas Script Extender (sorta)


This mod restores Fallout 3's first-person aiming system, essentially completely disabling Fallout New Vegas's ironsights system.

I've never really liked NV's "true" ironsights. For one, I think it actually makes aiming harder, especially since some weapons have really dodgy ironsights (the 10mm Pistol and Caravan Shotgun being prime examples). Fortunately you can disable "true" ironsights in the options; however, this still makes your weapon snap to the lower centre of the screen when aiming. I much prefered Fallout 3's aiming, where the weapon would stay where it was and the screen would just zoom in.

One way of doing this is to check the "Don't use First-Person IS Animations" flag on every weapon, which is what Fallout 3 Aiming for NV does; however, this causes compatibility issues with other mods which also modify the weapons (though the whole thing can be easily scripted to avoid this), and makes it so you and all NPCs always shoot from the hip. Then I had an epithany. Why not just replace the ironsights animations with the non-ironsights ones? So I did, and it worked, and I felt really dumb for not thinking of that ages ago when I first tried to implement this using scripting nonsense...

So that's it. This mod works by replacing all the first-person ironsight aiming and firing animations with their non-ironsights counterparts, thereby replicating the Fallout 3 style of aiming, with no compatibility issues or side-effects.

It is, however, not exactly the same as Fallout 3. In that game, aiming would raise the weapon slightly toward the centre of the screen, and with one-handed weapons your character would use their other hand to steady the weapon. If you have Fallout 3 and some know-how, you can copy the old animations over, but I'm just not allowed to redistribute assets from other games here on the Nexus. The method for doing so is explained below.


  • Download Bethesda Archive Extractor from the Skyrim SE Nexus. Extract and install wherever.
  • Open BAE.
  • Drag and drop "Fallout - Meshes.bsa" from your Fallout 3 directory into the BAE interface to open it.
  • Uncheck the box next to "Fallout - Meshes.bsa" to unselect all files.
  • Expand the file-tree, finding the folder "meshes\characters\_1stperson".
  • Individually check the following files:
  • Click "Extract" at the bottom of the BAE interface, and chose a temporary location.
  • Navigate to the extract location, and find the "meshes" folder you just extracted.
  • Install this folder however you would a conventional mod. I'm going to explain how MO users can merge this folder into my mod, since that's what I use and it seems like the most reasonable approach (and MO is the best). Non-MO users can ignore subsequent steps and will just have to figure it out themselves—it's not hard.
  • Open MO, right-click on my mod, and select "Open in Explorer".
  • Drag and drop the "meshes" folder you extracted into the folder for my mod, overwriting any files you're prompted to.
  • It's probably also a good idea to make a backup if the extracted "meshes" folder somewhere too, so you don't have to do the whole extraction process again if you reinstall my mod.


In order for this mod to work, you must have "True Ironsights" disabled in your game options, otherwise aiming will look really screwed up for some weapons. I've also included an extra file—"FO3 Aiming.esp"—which changes this option for you (once, when you start the game); however, you do not need this plugin file if you change the option yourself. If you do experience any animation weirdness, checking this option is disabled should be your first port-of-call.

This mod has no requirements as it's just animation files; however, "FO3 Aiming.esp" requires New Vegas Script Extender, so keep that in mind.

I recommend using Mod Organizer to install this mod, so that the animation files don't overwrite any other vanilla/mod-added files. Failing that, I suppose using the poor man's Mod Organizer Nexus Mod Manager will be fine too.

Oh, and don't use this with the "Disable Ironsights Zoom" feature in JSawyer Ultimate Edition. Well, not unless you want aiming to have no visual difference from just holding the gun...


This mod can be uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.


If you have another mod which replaces the vanilla aiming/firing animations, this mod will conflict with it. However, you can always just do exactly as I did in making this mod, and duplicate the "1hp"-, "2ha"-, "2hr"- "aim" and "attack" animation files from those mods and add the suffix "is" (i.e. 'ironsights'). Simple.

Q: This mod overwrites one of YUP's files. Is that OK?
A: Yar. It be reyt.

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